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Who founded the colony North Carolina?

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Colonial North Carolina was founded by king george or king Charles the second

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The Virginians founded the colony of North Carolina. This colony was founded in 1653 and South Carolina was founded in 1729.

The North Carolina colony was founded because the Virginia colonist wanted to have religious freedoms

NEW ANSWER:The colony of North Carolina was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh, of England.

It was founded in 1663 but became a royal colony in 1729. When it became a royal colony, it was then split into North Carolina & South Carolina

north carolina or south carolina

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it was founded for profit from trade and selling land.

History has a little proof on it that North Carolina was founded by Virginia colonists.

The Virginians and Taylor Janssen founded North Carolina Colony

The English colonists financed partially by Sir Walter Raleigh, founded the Roanoke Colony.

At first Carolina was a single colony. However, the settlements were far apart, and it was hard to govern them. In 1712, the colony separated into North and South Carolina.

It separated from North Carolina in 1712, but the Carolinas (one colony) was founded in 1663.

Colony founded in 1663the South Carolina colony

North Carolina and South Carolina was founded by King Charles I and North Carolina was founded in 1653, and South Carolina was founded in 1663.

North/South Carolina. He founded this colony to setup a new colony based upon social classes. this project failed and divided into two parts.

The colony Carolina was created by a group of proprietors in 1663 and was later split into North and South Carolina. 😃

north carolina was founded in 1624

No Pennsylvania was not a royal colony. It was founded by William Penn in 1682. North Carolina, New Jersey and South Carolina were royal colonies.

Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed along the coast of North Carolina but he did not found any colony.

The colony of North Carolina was founded by Virginians that where sent by king Charles II. It was founded by Virginia Colonist in 1653.In 1663, King Charles II issued a royal charter to eight nobles to settle the area south of Virginia. They created Carolina and included the previous settlement. However, because of internal problems, the crown took over the colony and formed North and South Carolina out of it in 1729. -Skopedog

The people in the North Carolina Colony use to grow corn and tobacco.

king Charles 2 started this North Carolina colony

Royal Colony of North Carolina was created in 1729.

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