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When OR WHEN did the phrase not worth a bucket of warm spit originate?

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The dismissal of the vice-presidency of the United States as "not being worth a bucket of warm piss" has been attributed to John Nance Garner, a Texas Congressman and Vice-President.


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Where did the phrase spitting image come from?

Originally "spit and image," this phrase probably comes from the expression "the very spit of..." meaning an exact likeness.

Is the phrase I could spit in your face an epithet?

Yes it is an epithet in that phrase because it is an insult.

What is origin of the phrase spitting image?

The theory given the most credence is that the phrase "spitting image" is a corruption of "spit and image". Literally interpreted as meaning "as alike as if spit out of one's mouth"

Is people spit mustard on you a phrase?

im the one who asked this question i got my answer you can delete

How do you beat th spit contest in wild west poptropica?

You point the arrow straight across and go according to the distance the bucket is at.

What is cuspictor OR aspirator?

The word cuspidor refers to a spittoon which was basically a bucket type receptacle that people spit into. An aspirator is something that fluid fills.

Is people spit mustard on you another phrase for pissing off?

im the one who asked i already got my answer you can delete

On the first page of a newsletter what does it consist of the information above the multiple columns?

let me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on youlet me spit on you

Why is spit called spit?

The correct term for spit is "saliva". people call it spit because of the action of spitting.

What nicknames does Joe Spit go by?

Joe Spit goes by Joe Spit.

Do salamanders spit?

no they do not spit poison

Where does spit come from?

spit is a backwash from the humans spit glands amoungst a human throut. people spit because the spit is acutally toxins or germs that are realsed in a liquid.

Does a llama or alpaca spit?

Yes, llamas and alpacas do spit. It is VERY nasty!Llamas spit out of irritation and over food, they generally spit at other llamas.Not all alpacas spit.

Do all snakes spit?

No, just spitting cobras.Only king cobras spit,they don't just spit saliva they spit venom too.

Where did the phrase a spit and a holler come from and what does it mean?

It's from the US Appalachian Mountains -- it means "just a little way." Think of the distance you can spit and that you can "holler" or yell. A "holler" also means a small valley, so it could mean "just the next valley" as well.

Do elephants have spit?

yes they have spit you dummy

Why llamas spit?

Llamas spit when there angry or when the owner does not stop annoying them. They spit to protect themselves

What is the name of the largest sand spit on earth?

The longest sand spit on earth is the Curonian Spit.

What is the German equivalent of spit roast?

to spit roast = am Spieß braten a spit roast = Spießbraten

Do grasshoppers spit tobacco?

Grasshoppers do not spit tobacco. The only way to spit tobacco is to chew tobacco, which grasshoppers do not. However, they do spit as a defense mechanism.

Do iguanas spit?

Yes! I have seen them sneeze spit from their mouth but usually they will spit water from their nose it they get some in there.

Why do Alpacas Spit?

they spit when they are sad, mad, male alpacas spit at eachother, or protection of themselves or their young

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