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The cat would be referred to as a host.

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No, a flea is a flea. There is no "cat flea" or "dog flea". Its just a flea and its just as likely to get a cat or dog.

yes,cat flea spray is for cats.If your cat likes it, it will work

This is a parasitic relationship. The flea is the parasite and the cat is the host.

The ecological relationship of the flea on the cat is parasitic in nature. This is because the cat gains no benefits from the flea, where the flea gains all of the benefits.

This is usually because the fleas have worm infections living in them and when the cat lickes a flea from his coat he catches worms.

No, the cat will not die he has licked his flea collar. The flea collar is not toxic to cats only to fleas and ticks.

It is perfectly fine if the cat licks flea medicine. The flea medicine is only harmful to fleas and ticks and not toxic to cats.

Cat flea powder and/or flea bath.

form_title=Cat Flea Treatment form_header=Keep your cat feeling purrrrr-fect. Find the most effective flea treatments guaranteed to stop the itch. Has your cat ever had fleas or ticks before?*= () Yes () No Is your cat allergic to any products?*= () Yes () No Do you have a preferred type of flea control that you are already using?*= () Yes () No Breed of cat?*= _[50] Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat?*= () Indoor () Outdoor

The average price for a cat flea collar is about 10-15 bucks.Cat flea collars are fairly affordable for anyone in need of a average flea collar.These flea collars can be purchased at any local store.

Use Frontline or the spot-on flea product of your choice religiously every month and you won't need to de-flea your cat, the product will do it for you.

flea Is the dog scratching because of a flea? Does your cat have fleas?

Yes that is what i would do. The flea med is for preventing the flea investation on animalsImproved Answer:If your cat had a flea bath, she does not need flea medications for a certain period of time. Ask the place you took her to to get the flea bath how long until it wears off. You do not need to give her flea medications until then. Although the above was correct in saying flea medication is for the prevention of fleas on your cat, it is not good for her to give her too much medication.

The dog is a host. The flea is a parasite.

It could be ear mites that are bothering the cat or allergic reaction to the flea collar.

Yes. Some flea species are more particular than others, but the cat flea will bite dogs and humans as well. In fact, in most locations a flea on a dog is more likely to be a cat flea than a dog flea. Dog fleas also bite humans.

Dog fleas are a different species than cat fleas, and flea collars are designed for the specific flea type. A dog collar on a cat would probably be less effective, or may not work at all.

flea is just like pronouncing flea on a dog or cat, pretty simple

Yes! It well harm your cat because dog flea drops are much too strong for a cat! If you do then immediately wash it off with a wet whipe or a wet (paper) towel! You should just give it cat flea medicine. that is most safe.

You should not put flea meds for dogs on cats. They are much too strong and will make the cat very sick if not actually kill it. If you have done this by mistake, the cat should be bathed thoroughly with a gentle shampoo IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT use a flea shampoo to bathe the cat!

No, the dog would be considered the prey. A flea is a parasite, which makes it the predator.

Scroll down on the page for this link for a picture of a flea.

Adding apostrophe s ('s) to a word, usually makes it a "possessive": "The cat's flea." The 's after cat, indicates that the flea "belongs" to the cat. Adding s' to a word means a plural possessive: "The cats' flea." Means that there is more than one cat and they have a flea.

Cat flea meds on a dog - or vice versa - is asking for trouble for your pet because the chemical contents are different.

Because a flea is made up of cells, and cells are living things. So the smallest living thing is a cell.