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He could be, but perhaps it is something different. He may be talking about all those girls to make himself look better in order to impress you. He may just want to show how many girls have his attention or approval so that you will also give him attention and approval. Or perhaps he wants you to think he is more experienced than you are, either in dating or sexually.

2006-08-18 18:42:00
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What if a guy likes you but you see him with a girl everyday he hangs out with he trying to make me jealous?

Maybe, but he probably just likes her better Probably is trying to make you jealous. To make you want him! And he could just not want to show that he likes you. OR maybe because he knows that you know he likes you, and he's embarrased.

He likes you but he flirts with girls around you?

he's probably just trying to make you jealous. flirt with him and see what he does.

What if a girl kisses you but likes another guy?

she is probably just trying to make the other guy jealous. girls tend to do a lot of that. but talk to her, you never know

Why girls gets jealous when she saw a boy kissing his girlfriend?

She's most likely jealous of the girl and likes the boy.

Why do girls like it when there boyfriends get jealous when she hangs out wit another guy?

because it helps her know that you like her. and so she is happy that you are worried she likes someone else cause that means you like her. good luck with your girlfriend she is a lucky lady

This boy likes you but hangs out with another girl does he still like you?

Hey, just 'cause he likes you, doesn't mean he can't spend time with other people. He might be trying getting you annoyed or jealous, but don't do it. He wants to see how you feel. Trust me, lots of boys do this and I've had experience.

Why is he trying to make you jealous?

Has he asked you out?If yes and if you turned him down,then he still likes you and is trying to attract your attention towards himself .

When a girl asks your mate a question not you and your standing next to your mate and she sez his name not yours?

It could mean several things. maybe she likes your friend not you. or she is trying to make you jealous ( she likes you) you can tell if she's trying to make you jealous by flirting with him but always glancing at you. She's most likely trying to make you jealous. Wish i could help more

What does it mean when a guy tells a girl that he got another girls phone number?

Either he's really just telling you because he's telling you, or he's trying to make you jealous. Now, a lot of girls get confused at the mention of jealousy. Just because he's trying to make you jealous, does NOT in any way mean he likes you. Now, it's possible he could but, there is no guarentee.

Why do guys tell girls that their friend that the girls has never met likes them?

Because He Likes You And He's Trying To Get Closer To Knowing You

How do you find out if a girl is trying to make you jealous or if she likes the guy she is always talking to?

If she keeps on look at u and than turning she trying to make u jealous and she talks to that boy when ure around.

How can you tell if your boyfriend likes another girl?

If he hangs out with her secretly or he acts weird in front of you when other girls are around

Is a guy who likes you insecure if he flirts with other girls to make you jealous?

yes if he flirts with other girls, it is to "up" his self esteem.

What does it mean when a guy likes you but he flirts with another girl in front of you?

To put it simply he is trying to make you jealous, if you get jealous he can confirm that you like him and it gives him more confidence. Guys know that flirting with other girls is a great way to bring out the feelings a girl may be hiding.

If a boy hangs around with other girls does that mean he still likes you?

I believe that boys can have girls as friends, but it is always nice to make sure they are JUST FRIENDS.

Why is he dating someone else if he likes me?

Maybe he is trying to make you feel jealous, get your attention OR he does't like you.

What does it mean if a girl calls you her favorite often?

she likes you or shes trying to make someone around you jealous.

Does Hermione get jealous in Harry Potter when he is with girls like Ginny?

No because Hermione likes Ronald not Harry

Why would an ex mention other girls to you?

To make you jealous. This doesn't necessarily mean he/she? still likes you.

What does it mean if a boy says he likes you a while ago and you like him but don't know how to admit it then he has a bunch of girlfriends with similar names and looks to yours and calls you names?

He probably likes you! He was just trying to make you jealous by dating all those other girls!

What are someways guys try to make girls jealous when they find out the girl they like has a boyfriendbut they already have a girlfriend?

You can't make a girl jealous only when you know the girl likes the guy. If you know that the girl likes the guy but already has a girlfriend, then spend more time with the girlfriend that the guy already has and then laugh alot areound her and if the girl you're trying to get jealous treat her like a friend but ignore her, but not too harsh!

Why are girls get mean like right away and jealous?

They get jealous because they are hated on you just ignore them......because the just want what you have....... and they get jealous because probaly you like this boy and she likes him too! And she wants to steal him!!!!!!

If a guy is hanging around other girls but always messes with you the most dose that means he likes you and is trying to make you jealous?

No, it means that he just wants someone and he doesn't care who. He may like you more than the others, but he would go for any the girls.

Why is she trying to make me jealous?

She is trying to make you jealous because YOU are a flirt and she feels she needs to compensate for that. OR she is just flirty and has to make an excuse for flirting a.k.a 'I am trying to make you jealous.' OR She wants more attention from you and you won't give it to her unless you know others want her. OR the girl is just fed up with you and is done with dating but doesn't want to break up. OR if you're not dating and she is trying to make you jealous than she really really likes you

What signs do guys pick up on girls to try to figure out if she likes him?

try flirting with other girls in a real flirting way and see if she gets jealous or not