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It can vary greatly. It depends on the teenager, the car they drive, the state they are in. It can even vary depending on the city and possibly the area of the city. It also depends on if they are going on their own policy or being added to their parents. Calling around and getting quotes for insurance companies is the best way to go. It's free and usually no pressure. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies:

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Q: When a new teenage driver gets their license about how much does the car insurance cost?
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How much will it cost for insurance if you have had three previous accidents?

The insurance cost will grow according to the number of previous accidents also takes in consideration the age of the driver, the type of the vehicle and how log the driver held the driving license.

When you borrow a motorcycle do you need a license and insurance?

ypu need a license, if the person who owns the bike has insurance make sure there is coverage for occasional driver before you borrow it, otherwise it could cost you a fortune if your are in an accident

Will insurance cost more for a new driver if the car is registered in his name?

In Texas, Yes, It will cost more for Insurance for a new driver whether or not he is the registered owner of a vehicle.

How much do it cost to get your car out tbe pound in ill for no insurance and license?

Varies by jurisdiction and by how long it's been in impound. Additionally, you'll have a tow truck fee to get it out if it does not have insurance and/or if there isn't a licensed driver to drive it out of there.

Where can one get a car insurance for a convicted driver?

Several insurance companies will gladly offer a quota for car insurance to a convicted driver. The quota will not be low, and it will probably cost the driver as much as a new car will.

About how much does insurance cost for a young driver?


How much does it cost to get a license to sell life insurance in the state of Georgia?

The cost to get a license to sell life insurance in Georgia is $50.00 just for the license. There is also a $15.00 application fee that must be made prior to taking the exam.

Who pays for hospital cost after a car accident if the driver doesn't have insurance?

You do and then turn around and sue the driver for the cost of your medical care.

How much does it cost to add an occasional driver to your insurance policy?

It really depends on what your insurance policy is.

How much does it cost to renew driver license in TN?

i think 24.00

What does principal driver on automobile insurance policy mean?

The principal driver is the person who drives the vehicle over 50% of the time. This is the main driver of the vehicle and the person who will be rated as the driver for computing the cost of the insurance.

Cost of insurance for Chevy Silverado pickup?

The cost of insurance for a Chevy Silverado pickup is not a set price. The cost is determined by the driver, the company, and the coverage needed.

How much would auto insurance cost for a 15-year-old in Tennessee?

You cannot estimate premiums in a forum like this. There are far too many factors that go into rating insurance. Some of these are State, County, zip code, driver age, vehicle, use of vehicle, driver's record, coverage, and many more. I have one insurance company that has 44 different classifications just for the driver. Does a 15 year old have a regular drivers license in Tennessee? Call you current insurance company and ask them first. Many companies don't charge for a learners license if that is what he has. They do want you to give them his license information though even if they don't rate the driver. It's always less expensive to have teenage drivers on the family policy.Read more: Insurance_cost_new_motorcycle

Add A Teen Driver To A Texas Car Insurance Policy?

Teen drivers cost more to insure because they have less experience operating a motor vehicle and are more likely to be involved in a traffic accident. Statistics in Texas show that about one in four teenage drivers will have some sort of moving violation or cause an accident within the first two years of obtaining a license. Liability insurance in Texas applies to teenage drivers in the same minimum amounts as for adults. Parents of teen drivers may be able to add their son or daughter to an existing policy and receive a discount on what is otherwise rather costly insurance protection.Coverage Amounts Required In TexasTeenage drivers must be covered by at least as much liability protection as their parents. The Texas minimum amounts for liability insurance are $30,000 for the cost of injuries sustained by a single non-fault individual, $60,000 to cover the costs of all injuries per accident and $25,000 to cover property damage suffered by innocent victims per accident. A teenage driver may be able to be insured under his or her parents' existing policy.Parents of teen drivers are advised to ask their insurance agent about the costs of adding the new driver to their policy. If the teen is going to be driving a car that is already insured the additional costs will be far less than if the youth has his or her own vehicle. The collision and comprehensive insurance carried by the parents will probably increase in monthly cost as well. This is because teen drivers are more likely to be the cause of an accident. Insurance companies will charge more if the probability of vehicle damage increases due to a teenage driver being added to an existing policy. This price increase is still favorable when compared to a separate policy for a new driver.Defensive Driving Classes For Teen DriversIn Texas many school districts offer these courses as part of the curriculum. More advanced classes can be taken online for a nominal cost. A certificate of completion can be forwarded to the insurance company and the result is often a sizeable discount on teenage car insurance. This discount may be applied not only to liability coverage but also the collision and comprehensive insurance carried by the parents.In some cases the cost of collision and comprehensive insurance will not increase when a teenage driver is added to a policy, but the amount of deductible will. Some providers of insurance will charge Texas customers more when a teen driver is added to the policy unless a higher deductible is chosen.

What if you were in an auto accident and you are not at fault but you do not have auto insurance in California?

If the other driver is at fault and has insurance, their insurance should still pay the claim. However, you may still face significant legal penalties for driving without insurance. Your drivers license may be suspended and your car may be impounded, and the cost of insurance when you get it (which you have to, in order to get your drivers license or your car back) will be much higher than it would have been if you had purchased it before the accident. You should probably consult a qualified attorney for advice on how to minimize the cost.

How much does it cost for driver license?

Depends on the state in which you are getting the license. Your local DMV can provide this information. Give them a call.

How much does Gieco insurance cost for a new driver?

"The insurance cost for a new driver on any insurance company like Gieco will depend on the drivers age, and what type of vehicle they will be using. Typically male drivers at the age of 16 cost about $200 a month to insure driving a 4 door car."

How much does a learner's permit insurance cost?

There are too many variables to give one answer that will cover everyone in every car in every location. In my state there is no additional charge for insurance that covers a driver with a learner's permit, since they MUST be in the car with a licensed driver while driving. Once they get their actual driver's license, THEN there is a charge for their insurance. For a best answer, talk to the insurance company that now insures the car in question.

How is auto insurance coverage affected when your spouse has no drivers license?

Usually the Insurance underwriters would offer the licensed driver what is called a Named driver exclusion. This should not affect the cost of your insurance premium. The u/w would need to know information about the unlicensed operator (why don't they have a license? was it suspended, revoked, or are they just not licensed because of a handicap, or the person just does not drive) Once this is determined then he u/w would better know how to proceed in offering the NDE.

What is average cost of car insurance for a teenager in Idaho?

The average cost for a new, young driver is $1,600 a year. Young drivers always have the highest insurance rates.

Which companies offer affordable auto insurance to young drivers?

Auto insurance prices for young drivers are based on many factors. Is the driver a male or female, does the driver have good grades, does the driver live in a city or out in a rural area. All of these are factors in determining insurance rates. For the lowest cost, a young driver would probably do best to try to get insurance through their parent's insurance bundle.

How does being a bad driver effect one's car insurance costs?

Being a bad driver will cause insurance rates to rise due to the likelihood of the need for an insurance claim. Insurance companies provide lower cost insurance to those that they believe they can trust in the long term.

What happens if you get into an accident but only have a license but no insurance but the other person doesnt have a license or insurance Whos at fault?

Who has insurance and who has license, is a non factor in determining liability for the accident. The person who is at fault will be based upon the police report and who caused the accident. You have no insurance, and have left yourself wide open to a judgment against you that could cost you plenty. You chose to drive without insurance, and in doing so you will be require to accept responsibility for your actions. You do not even have uninsured motorist insurance to cover your damage even if the other driver is at fault and cannot pay. You were not insured, and will now pay for that mistake.

How much does it cost to renew driver license?

In California it costs about $28.00. In California it costs about $28.00.

How can a new driver reduce their insurance cost in New Jersey?

Hi! To lower your car insurance you should consider asking for a higher deductible. If you are a new driver (a teenager) you may be able to find teen car insurance discounts.