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Oink, oink!! Also emits the same sound when sad I suppose.

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What does it mean when a guinea pig make a clucking sound?

It means they are happy and content.

What happens when your guinea pig vibrates?

when your guinea pig vibrates it is actually good it means that their happy when they vibrate they also usually makre a strange sound they do this when their happy it's really strange but that sound and vibration is just your happy guinea pig purring.

What sound does the pig make?

A pig grunts or squeals

How can you know that a guinea pig is happy or sad?

when a guinea pig is happy, it will ''popcorn'', or jump excitedly and make happy squeaking sounds.

What sound does a pig make?

Oink Oink is what pig makes

What animals make a snort sound?

a pig.

How do you make a noise like a pig?

The sound that a pig makes is characterized as an 'oink'.

What sound do turtles make?

Turtles make a sound that is like a cross between a duck and a pig.

What sound does a pig make when you step on it?

an oink. but louder.

What sound does a cat make when happy?

A happy or contented cat will purr.

What sound does a pig make with the letter g?


What sound do goats make when they are happy?


What is the sound a pig makes?

A pig makes a squealing sound.

What noises does a pig make?

Guinea Pigs make a very cute whooping sound.

When can a pig make full use of its lungs?

Day one. They will make your ears ring when they are not happy.

What sound does a warthog make?

a worthog snorts lke a normal pig

What is the full word for gts sound that pig make?

oink oink. (:

Guinea pig sounds?

the most common sound for a Guinea pig to make would sound like WHEEEEAAT WHEAT WHEAT wheat! Or a lower pitched wheat. Sounding almost like a pig squeal

What sound does a Arctic fox make when its happy?


What sound does a bison make?

The sounds they make range from a pig-like grunt to an aggressive bellow.

What is the sound made by the rat?

Rats make a sound called chittering or chattering. They rub their teeth together to make this sound. This sound usually means that they are happy.

What noises do baby raccoons make?

When hungry or uncomfortable the babies make a crying sound. When happy or satisfied they make a churring sound.

Why does guinea pig make noise while you pet them?

They are either happy, upset, or annoyed.

How do you speak guinea pig?

Interpretation of a guinea pig. A burble sound like purring means there happy. A screech means there scared. When Squeaking there usually extreamly happy or begging and most times get energetic - you will be able to tell the difference between a screech and squeak.

Happy as a pig in mud?

The phrase, "Happy as a pig in mud," is used to describe a person who is extremely happy. It means someone is enjoying themselves.

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