When a speaker wants to convey information efficiently and get work done it is best to?

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How does a speaker work?

Basically the movement of the speaker is the cause of the stereo (mono speakers) making the noise via induction. The Induction is the result of controlled oscillation of electrical current. A speaker is essentially an air pump. I like to say the bigger the pump the bigger the sound!!! A driver i ( Full Answer )

How do speakers work?

Speakers work by turning eletrical energy into sound. Speakers are an electromagnet that connects to a paper cone which moves the cone which moves the air. This is how speakers work.

Why do you want to work in the information technology field?

I want to work in the information technology field for the following reasons: 1 - Secure field of work 2- good starting salary 3 - numerous job titles/positions within the field of information technology 4 - My concentration for my master's in Information Technology is Networking. Networkin ( Full Answer )

How does a speaker works?

Answer . A speaker consists of one or more magnets, called voice coils, which are mounted at the narrowest part of a cone(s). The cone may be made of paper, cardboard, or Kevlar. When the amplifier receives a signal, it amplifies it, creating current. The current causes the magnet to move, which ( Full Answer )

'Are the current working information systems covering all the aspects of manual systems efficiently?

A good working information system is covering all the aspects of manual systems efficiently in most of the places. Good information system means that the company has the well written custom built software for their needs and well managed network. However, there are places where information system is ( Full Answer )

How speakers work?

Power Source . Speakers do not have a dedicated power source of their own. They draw their power from whatever it is that they are connected to - be it a CD player or more complex stereo receiver. Any one of these pieces of equipment should be able to provide enough power for the speakers to be a ( Full Answer )

What can be done to increase cars fuel efficiency?

There's the basic's like keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure, replacing your spark plugs/getting a tune-up, keeping an eye on your driving habits - don't speed up to red lights, don't put the accelerator to the floor if you don't need to, etc..., replace your air filter. I started us ( Full Answer )

What Electrical signals convey information?

Electrical signals are either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). For DC signals, information is carried by the existence of a DC level, or it's absence. This is binary signalling, and communicates either a '1' or a '0'. An AC signal conveys information by either changing one of the ( Full Answer )

Want to work in Nigeria Which site is the best for jobs in Nigeria?

There are several Job websites advertising Jobs in Nigeria these days, you can use search engines like google and search for Jobs, The Popular websites for Jobs in Nigeria are: Joblist Nigeria : A website (blog) that Publish the latest Jobs in Nigeria Naija Hot Jobs : Nigerian Job forum

What is work efficient?

The point where the y and x axis meet. You are at your maximum potential of output based on your Supply and Demand curves. See equilibrium .

How do you get your speakers to work?

Connect them to a source that will drive them. The source should match the impedance of the speakers. To see if speakers are working at all, use a 1.5 volt battery and connect across speaker leads and make and break connection to see if you hear the speaker crackle.

What does efficiency have to do with work and work out?

Efficiency = (Useful Work done)/(Total Work done). . This is usually expressed as a percentage. . Example: For every 200KJ of energy released from coal in a power plant, only 60KJ is converted to electrical energy. Therefore, Efficiency = 60/200 =30%.

If you have done Bachelor of Information technology bsc.I.T but want to make career in mechanical field?

Many individuals make changes in their career path. If you wish to change your direction, that is fine. You will have to meet the entrance requirements of your intended program of study. You must inquire about the entrance requirements, and complete all prerequisite coursework first. Saying you want ( Full Answer )

Make best use of technology to work in an efficient way?

To make best use of your technology you will first need to get toknow it, find out all the features and limitations. Knowing everyfeature and limitation will allow to make the best out of the peaceof technology that you own, something productive, for example,instead of playing games you can make the ( Full Answer )

If you want to lift a 5kg box to the height of meter how much work must be done?

Did you say one meter ? You'll have to give the box 49 joules of additional gravitational potential energy. But since the human muscular system is not 100% efficient, you'll have to spend somewhat more energy than that in order to do the job. The additional energy that you put into th ( Full Answer )

What message did Shakespeare want to convey in As You Like It?

It is highly unlikely that Shakespeare intended to convey any message in this play. As You Like It is a comedy which is primarily designed to entertain. Shakespeare made use of a number of conventions, apparently without irony, such as the conventions of pastoral literature, the cross-dressing girl, ( Full Answer )

What can be done for the kidney to work at its best?

The liver is the organ in the body that secretes bile and neutralizes toxins. These have to go somewhere. That's where the kidney comes into play. The is the organ that excretes urine. Urine? liquid. Liquid? Like water. drink water through the day. You don't have to walk around carrying a bottle of ( Full Answer )

What information is conveyed by the formula H2O?

H 2 O is the chemical formula for water. It's Lewis structure is H-O-H, 2 hydrogen atoms single-bonded to a single oxygen atom.It shows that water molecule contain two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

What information is conveyed by a point plotted with the coordinates 1 25?

The point is 1 unit along the first of the two axes and 25 units along the other axis from point where the two axes meet. Although they usually are, the axes need not be perpendicular to one another. Apex: The average height of plants given 1 g of fertilizer was 25 cm.

Why do people use graphs to display mathematical problems Graphs are easy to read. Graphs convey lots of information efficiently. Graphs can help people see what is happening. All of the above?

The best answer to the question is "All of the above", but the question is baloney poorly formulated. Graphs don't display "mathematical problems". They display lots of information efficiently. A "problem" (exercise, question) may be concocted by the instructor to motivate a student's exami ( Full Answer )

Do Greek letters convey information about a Star's brightness?

Answer: Yes; Around the year 1600, Johannes Bayer, in what is today known as Germany, applied lowercase Greek letter names to the stars more or less in order of brightness, which if followed strictly would render the brightest star in a constellation "Alpha," the second Beta," and so on.

What can be done to increase the efficiency of the machine?

Mechanical Efficiency is the ratio of Actual mechanical advantage to ideal mechanical advantage.Efficiency will be maximum when Actual mechanical advantage equals that of ideal.But practically not possible.Actual mechanical advantage will be less due to friction,heat,deflection etc.avoiding these lo ( Full Answer )

Where can you purchase energy efficient speakers?

Energy efficient speakers can be purchased from various retailers nowadays. One can try checking at their local electronics like Best Buy, Microcenter, or Radio Shack. Amazon or AudioHolics are also options.