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Yes, shaking is a primary characteristic of earthquakes

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The greatest shaking would be felt in the so-called epicenter, the point on the earth's surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake.

An earthquake is a shaking that occurs in the ground. This results from movement underneath the earth's surface.

A tectonic earthquake occurs because of the shaking of the crustal plates while a volcanic earthquake happens because of the volcanic activity.

Soft sediment tends to make shaking in an earthquake worse. It is rather like shaking a bowl of jello.

A stronger earthquakes means more intense shaking. The more intense the shaking the more likely it is for buildings to collapse. Most earthquake deaths are from collapsing buildings.

"Seismic" refers to an earthquake, so seismic shaking is the shaking motion of the earth (and things on it) caused by an earthquake.

People first feel the ground shaking at the epicenter of an earthquake.

"Seismic" refers to an earthquake, so seismic shaking is the shaking motion of the earth (and things on it) caused by an earthquake. There are different waves that emanate from the hypocenter, or point of origin.

The amount of shaking produced by an earthquake at a given location is called the intensity.

a. Shaking amplitude => 10^9/10^7 = 100 times greater. b. Energy release => (10^9/10^7)^(3/2) = 1,000 times greater.

shaking ground and cracking

Earthquakes happen under the sea sometimes. This will have the effect of shaking the sea. If you have a bowl of water and shake it, you will get waves in the bowl. That is what happens when an earthquake occurs under the sea and why we get tsunamis caused by earthquakes.

And earthquake occurs when stress in a strike slip fault or a transform boundary releases making the crust shake or vibrate. You feel the shaking or if Surface waves happen you can feel the ground as if it was waves

When two plates jerk into a new position, an earthquake occurs. It refers to a sudden and violent shaking of the ground.

A shaking of the crust of the Earth could symbolize an Earthquake. This shaking of the crust can be measured with special machines.

The intensity of an earthquake is a largely subjective measure of the shaking at a given site.

The noise when there's an earthquake is when the buildings fall or the thunder or the shaking

A seaquake is a type of earthquake that occurs under the seafloor.

An intraplate earthquake is an earthquake that occurs in the interior of a tectonic plate. However, an interplate earthquake is one that occurs at a plate boundary.