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experimental bias

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Q: When an experimenter unintentionally gives cues to participants about the way they are expected to behave?
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When an experimenter unintentionally gives cues to participants about the way they are expected to behave this is an example of?

Observation changing the observed.

How woman were expected to behave in the 1930s?


How did children behave in the 1600's?

Children in the 1600's were expected to behave and do as they were told. They were also very quite.

Is naturalistic observation the most vulnerable to the effects of wording?

No. In naturalistic observation, you are observing the participants in their "natural habitat", so wording has very little - if anything at all - to do with how the participants behave.

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What were followers of Christianity expected to do?

pray go to church read the bible BEHAVE

How were children expected to behave in the 1600?

Right up until the 1960s most good parenting skills taught the child to be seen and not heard. In other words, the parents were strict and expected their children to behave or they would be punished.

Society's expectations of how men and women are expected to behave is known as?

Gender roles :D

Why is it that university students are expected to behave like adults?

They are expected to act like adults as almost all are legal adults (18 years and over).

Do all professors teachers lecturers and instructors always behave the way they are expected to?

Yes, if they want to teach. There are professional standards.

What role does the mass media play in gender identity in the United States?

It provides examples of how males and females are expected to behave :)

How do you behave in a Sikh temple?

The expected behavior in a Mandir/Temple is no different from that which is required in any other civilized place of worship