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Most people seek out a hair loss expert when they notice that their hair has thinned out. But by this time they have usually already lost half their hair. For any hair loss treatment to be most effective, it is best if the treatment is started sooner rather than later. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you have a family history of hair loss, you too could be in line for male or female pattern baldness. If you are concerned about losing hair, then you should see a specialist at the earliest signs of thinning hair and before it becomes very noticeable to all. This genetic hair loss usually starts in males around the age of 30 and in females after the age of 40. This is just an average age but it could be sooner or later in both the sexes. If you want to see someone regarding your hair loss, you should consult your dermatologist. If you do not have one, then you can ask your regular physician to refer you to a dermatologist. All dermatologists have a general training in the field of hair disorders but there are many who choose not to specialize in this field. What you need to look for in a dermatologist is one who has a subspecialty in the area of hair and scalp disorders and also in medical and surgical treatment of hair loss. Do not choose to go to any Doctor Who does not have the desire as well as the relevant experience in treating hair loss. You can ask around for a referral or even call the doctor

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Q: When and how should you find a hair loss expert?
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How does hair spray affect hair loss?

Although it could be causing a few hairs to fall out, hair loss is not directly related to using hair products, like hair spray. If you are experiencing the loss of more than 100 strands per day, you should seek advice from an expert.

Where can one find a doctor whom which specializes in hair loss?

One should go seek specialist guidelines by contacting your own GP, by telling them your problem in hair loss, they should then refer you to somebody who specializes in hair loss.

Is the loss of 100 hairs per day considered normal hair loss?

yes it is. the problem is if your hair is thinning. that can be brought by stress or the shampoos that you use. stress is the major reason fo hair loss,but you can get your hairs back,consult with hair expert surgeon.

How can you find out why your hamster has hair loss?

If your hamster has hair loss this could be a symptom of a disease or parasites.

Who would you see for sudden hair loss?

You should see your doctor for sudden hair loss.

Where can one find information on what causes hair loss?

There are many places where one can find information on what causes hair loss. One can find information on what causes hair loss at popular on the web sources such as Web MD and Mayo Clinic.

Where can I find online information on vitamins for hair loss in women?

You can find online information on hair loss for women at the following sites. , Pharmacy & Health Health shop

Where can I find vitamins for hair loss in women online?

This is a good website to help with your hair loss; It has tips on the subject of the matter too(if you are interested)

Is balsamic vinegar good for hair loss?

well am a cosmatallagest so i should know it very good for hair loss!!

What type of food should I eat to avoid hair loss?

You can find more information about a good hair loss prevention diet plan from your local nutritionist. They can provide many different dietary options which allow you to manage your lifestyle.

Where can I find vitamins and supplements that help with hair loss?

They do not make supplements to regain your hair. However, there is an alternitive. You could look into some hair loss restoration. This will help you to grow your hair back.

What are some treatments for hair loss in women?

Topical treatments are a huge treatment for hair loss in women. You should begin treatment as soon as you believe you are losing hair. Doctors may be careful in diagnosing hair loss depending on the levels.

What is the best treatment for female hair loss?

Locerin is a multi-ingredient food supplement that inhibits hair loss in women. Its rich formula with as many as 16 ingredients makes Locerin a unique product and will appeal to all hair lovers.

Where can one find a cure for hair loss?

There are a number of websites that one can use to find cures for hair loss. There are several tips on the Times of India's website under a special report page.

Where can someone find information about hair loss in men?

Information on hair loss for men can be found on official health websites like that of the NIH. You can also find information on websites like Bosley.

What are some cures for hair loss?

Unfortunately there are no real cures for hair loss. There are a wide range of products that profess to cure hair loss but it has been stated that there is no evidence that these work. In order to try and prevent hair loss one should eat a proper diet. It is stated that things such as protein, iron zinc and biotin may assist in the prevention of hair loss.

Who should one consult for hair loss?

Generally, the dermatologist will perform a physical exam of scalp, hair, and nails to determine the underlying basis for the hair loss. There are many potential causes of hair loss including familial pattern hair loss, stress and dietary factors, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, medications and autoimmune conditions.

How long should you wait to dye hair after a perm?

You should wait two weeks to color your hair after a perm to avoid hair loss. You dye Easter eggs. You color your hair.

What are some vitamins that help with hair loss?

From my research I was not able to find a vitamin that helps with hair loss. However they do have other ways that you could help get your hair back. I would suggest trying hair restoration products.

What causes hair loss in women?

Hair loss in women can be due to a number of things. The two main culprits are thyroid problems and stress. If a person is losing hair, they should see a doctor.

You have moderate hair loss what should you do to prevent that?

take pantogar tablets.

Where can I find information of female hair loss?

You will really need to seek professional advice from a physician hair restoration specialist. Your hair loss could be caused by high stress, or even a genetic issue.

What ingredients should not go in hair?

What Ingredients Should not go in your hair? Believe it or not, the ingredients that you place on your hair can cause hair loss, shedding, and breakage. Most hair care products, including most of those that claim to be

Are there any hair loss shampoos?

Yes there are many hair loss shampoos that you can buy all over the world. Just google it and you can find many products which make sure your hair wont fall of when showering with it.

How to prevent female hair loss?

Hair loss and thinning hair in women is primarily due to inherited genetics, but there are other causes of hair loss such as hormonal changes, discontinuation of birth control pills, sudden changes in diet, thyroid problems and stress. Some studies suggest that a majority of premenopausal women and a greater number of postmenopausal women will experience some degree of diffuse hair thinning as part of the natural aging process. A medical exam and blood lab work is often required for the proper diagnosis of female pattern hair loss. If certain medical causes can be identified and treated, female hair loss can in many cases be reversed. The keys for effective female hair loss treatment are a proper diagnosis by a hair loss expert, early intervention, and proper education of all the non surgical and surgical female hair loss solutions.