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India left the British Empire in 1947 because became independent.

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Why did India leave the British empire?

India left the British Empire because India gained Independence.

When did India leave the British Empire?

By the end of 1947

When did India and Pakistan leave the British Empire?

in 1947

When did India and Pakistan leave the British Empire and become independent states?

In 1947 -S

How was the British empire defeated by India?

They weren't, the British empire attacked India and the British won.

When was India a part of the British empire?

Around the 1900 India was part of the British Empire, by 1947 India achieved independence

Is India still in the British empire?

no, British empire ruled India till 15 august 1947.

Facts about India in the British empire?

India is the most populated country in the British empire. The British empire split India into two by religion. Muslims went to another part and it was called Pakistan. In India Hindus and Sikhs stayed.

Was India part of the Brittish empire?

Yes, the India was a part of the British empire.

When did Canada leave the British Empire?

Canada did not leave the British Empire. The British Empire became the British Commonwealth. Canada was a member of the Commonwealth from its beginnings, and remains proudly a member of the Commonwealth today.

In India what empire did the British replace?

The Mughal Empire.

What did the british empire do to India?

they took over India

In which country the British replaced the Mughal Empire?

The British replaced the Mughal Empire in India.

When did nigeria leave the British empire?

they left the british empire in 1st october 1960

Where did India get their independence?

The British Empire

Which was the first capital of british empire in india?

Kolkata was the first capital of british India.

In India the British replaced what empire?

India got its Independence on 15 Aug 1947 after British empire left and it is a Democratic country now.

How did the British Empire rule in India?

With authority.

When did barbados leave the British Empire?


Why and when did Jamaica leave the British Empire?


Who conquered India?

the Aryans conquered north India The British Empire

Which empire once controlled America India and Australia?

The British Empire once controlled North America, India and Australia. Many other nations were also part of the British Empire.

Why did India join the British empire?

It didn't. India was forcefully annexed after the British invaded it starting in Bengal.

What effects of English did the British leave in India?

The british were bancrupt and they couldn't keep a army in India

What did the British Empire get out of India being part of the British empire?

The empire got trade goods like spice, herbs, fabrics, rice, tea Bigger and better empire Opium was a huge export from India, especially into China which created huge revenue for the British Empire.