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One of the unprotected categories of speech consists of "fighting words." This is narrowly defined as words which are likely to make the person to whom they are addressed commit an act of violence. But words that cause anger are not enough. You can't shut someone down for talking by saying that you want to hit the speaker. That would amount to a "heckler's veto" which is one of the thing free speech tries to avoid. Part of free speech is that it sometimes forces people to re-think their view point on beliefs and topics.

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What supreme court ruling allowed for the segregation of public places in the south?

the supreme court

How long are Supreme Court justices allowed to serve for?

They are allowed to serve on the Supreme Court for the entire time they are alive. In other words, a lifetime.

Is the supreme court allowed to reverse a lower court decision?


Court that decides if a law is allowed by the constitution?


How many cases is the supreme court allowed to hear in a year?

The Supreme Court alone decides which cases, and how many they will hear.

Who is allowed to establish courts inferior to the supreme court?


The congress is allowed to do what?

impeach supreme court justices!!!!!! novnet>>>

Under what circumstances has the Supreme Court allowed quotas?

The Supreme Court has allowed the use of quotas under certain circumstances. For example, they ruled that racial quotas may continue at the University of Michigan.

Had Congress allowed six more justices on the Supreme Court how might have this changed the balance of powers?

Had Congress allowed six more justices on the Supreme Court, how might have this changed the balance of powers

The congress is allowed to?

impeach Supreme Court Justices (something like that)

What is the ultimate authority on what is or isn't allowed by the constitution?

The US Supreme Court

Does the constitution say how many members are allowed in the Supreme Court?


What state supreme court is most often cited by other state supreme courts as authority?

According to the California Supreme Court Historical Society, the California Supreme Court has been the "most cited and followed" state supreme court since 1940.

Is congress allowed to impeach supreme court judges?

yes the can beause their congress

During which part of a Supreme Court justice's career is he or she allowed to retire?


What supreme court case allowed internment camps to happen?

What are the features of a dbms

According to the Constitution what court would be the head of the judicial branch?

Supreme Court

Which is not a suspect classification according to the Supreme Court?


Who is the presiding officer of supreme court?

According to the copy of the Constitution in my history textbook, the presiding officer of the Supreme Court of the United States is the Chief Justice of the court

What Supreme Court case allowed school to censor newspapers?

hazelwood vs. kuhlmeier

In which Supreme Court decision did the Court uphold the policy of separate but equal which allowed racial discrimination?

Plessy V. Ferguson

Is the president allowed to veto acts of the supreme court?

The Supreme Court does no acts. It judges whether laws made by Congress are constitutional. The President has no power at all over the Supreme Court, although he can nominate people to fill a vacancy in the Court. But his nomination must still be approved by Congress.

The supreme courts decision in the case marbury v Madison is important because?

it allowed the Supreme Court to overrule an unconstitutional law

What type of jurisdiction does the supreme court of Virginia have?

Although the Supreme Court of Virginia possesses both original and appellate jurisdiction, its primary function is to review decisions of lower courts, including the Court of Appeals, from which appeals have been allowed.From: supreme-court-of-virginia

Is it true that US Supreme Court justices are not allowed to vote in elections?

No, that's not true. Supreme Court justices have a right to vote, just like most other adult citizens.