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Joe- August 15,1989

Nick- is September 16,1992

Kevin- is November 5,1987

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September 16

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When are the Jonas Brothers parent's birthdays?

Denise Jonas' bday is July 12 ???PAUL?????

Where was the Jonas Brothers dad born?

In 1583 and their birthdays are in 1776

Do the Jonas Brothers come to birthdays?

I'd think that the Jonas Brothers are much to busy traveling the world, and overseas to come to a strangers birthday party, sorry.

How many sisters and brothers does the Jonas Brothers have?

the Jonas brothers have no sisters but have one little brother and there are three Jonas brothers if you didnt know

What religion are the Jonas Brothers'?

All three Jonas Brothers are commited Evangelical, Christians.

How much Jonas Brothers are there?

Well there are three Jonas brothers in the band but Franklin Nathaniel Jonas is Joe Kevin and Nick's little bro.

Was the Jonas Brothers connect three before they were called the Jonas Brothers?

No. That was just for the movie Camp Rock. I agree with the answer above. Nick at first wanted the band to be called Jonas Jonas Jonas, but they are called the Jonas Brothers. Which is better.! haha.

Who's the Jonas?

If talking about the Jonas brothers. They are three teenage brothers who are in a band together. This is them: you can check them out on there website:

How many Jonas Brothers there are?

In the band, 'Jonas Brothers', there are three members, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. However, in the Jonas family, there are four. Frankie Jonas is the youngest Jonas Brother at the age of nine.

What three people make up the Jonas Brothers band?

Joesph Adam Jonas Nicholas Jerry Jonas Paul Kevin Jonas II 3 brothers

Who were the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock?

Joe Jonas was Shane Gray. Nick Jonas was Nate Gray. And Kevin Jonas was Jason Gray. And together the Jonas Brothers were Connects Three.

Who have the same birthdays as the Jonas brothers?

For Joe's(August 15) it would be Kerri Walsh, Debra Messing, Jennifer Lawrence,

When was the Jonas Brothers' first tour?

The Jonas Brothers first tour was when they were three of New York. The guide was mean.

Who wrote the song Just friends that the Jonas Brothers Sing?

All three of the Jonas brothers wrote just friends

How many Mandy sHow is are there from the Jonas brothers?

there is three

When are the birthdays for the Jonas Brothers?

Kevin-November 5th, 1987; Joe-August 15th, 1989; Nick-September 16th, 1992.

Who r the Jonas Brothers?

the Jonas brothers are a band of three membersJoe Jonas- Vocals, GuitaristNick Jonas- Vocals, Guitarist, drums, keyboards etc..Kevin Jonas- Background vocals, guitar

Is Joe Jonas the oldest?

no kelvin Jonas is the eldest of all three brothers joe Jonas=19 and kelvin Jonas= 21

How did the Jonas Brothers come up that name?

Their last name is Jonas and they are brothers... Jonas, Brothers, Jonas Brothers.

Who is Keven Jonas?

Keven Jonas is in a band with his two younger brothers Nick and Joe. Personaly, he is my favorite out of the three. The band name is the Jonas brothers and they are extreamly popular.

When is his middle brothers birthday?

okayy, these are all the Jonas Brothers birthdays, nick: 16th September 1992 joe: 15th august 1989 and Kevin: 5th November 1987. :)

Are Jonas Brothers brothers?

the jonas brothers are real brothers

Jonas brothers are who?

The Jonas brothers are three brothers who have a band together called the Jonas brothers the oldest brother is Kevin the middle brother is joe and the youngest us nick. Thery r amazing singers and they are all REALLY cute!!!!!!

How old aree the Jonas brothers?

Kevin Jonas is 21. Joe Jonas is 19. Nick Jonas is 16. There birthdays are: Kevin: November 5th, 1987 Joe: August 15th, 1989 Nick: September 16th, 1992 Hope this helps!

Do the Jonas Brothers like Irish accents?

The Jonas brothers love all kinds of accents, but of the three, joe likes accents the most.