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Hank Williams Sr.

When are the hank sr shows going to be released?

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Where hank Williams jr and hank Williams sr close?

No. Hank Sr. died when Jr. was three.

How many kids did hank William sr?

Hank Williams Sr had two children a daughter Jett Williams by his first wife and a son Hank Williams Jr. by his second wife Audrey. The above statement is incorrect. "Jett Williams" was born after Hank Jr., days after Hank Sr.'s death. Her mother was not married, she was adopted by Hank Sr.'s mother, then put up for adoption as a toddler.

How old was hank Williams jr when hank sr died?


Who is Hank Williams Jr's dad?

I'm guessing its Hank Williams Sr

What did hank Williams sr die from?

Hank sr died in the back seat of his cadillac in Oak Hill, WV. due to alcohol and sleeping pills.

Does Shelton Hank Williams sing like his Grandfather Hank Williams Sr?


How many children did hank Williams sr have?

Hank Williams had two children, Hank Williams Jr. and Jett Williams.

What genre is hank Williams in?

Hank Williams, Sr. ~ Country Music. Hank Williams Jr. ~ Country Rock Music.

Did the singer Hank Williams Sr. have another child beside his son?

Yes Hank Williams Sr. had another child beside his son Hank Williams Jr. It was a girl,her named is Jett Williams.

What is the value of a Hank Williams Sr autograph?


Who is the most recorded songwriter'?

hank williams sr.

Was Hank Williams Sr a Christian?

i think yes

Is Hank Williams Sr Charlie Prides Father?


What year hank Williams sr die?


Which duet had the 1989 hit There's a Tear in My Beer?

"Hank Williams, Sr. and Hank Williams, Jr."

How many total songs did hank Williams sr write including published and unpublished?

Hank Williams Sr. wrote more than 200 songs and you can find a list of his songs at

What did Hank Williams Sr get arrested for?

Disorderly conduct in a hotel

What was hank Williams sr age at time of death?


Where was hank Williams sr last show?

Richmond, va

Who is Joan Jett's father?

Hank Williams Sr.....seriously

What killed Hank Williams SR?

Alcohol is what killed Hank Williams, Sr. It caused his heart to eventually come to a complete stop. It was combition of sleeping pills and drugs and alcohol that killed him.

How many songs is Hank Williams Sr credited with writing?


What radio annoncer filled in for Hank Williams Sr?

Jim Reeves

What type of music did hank Williams sr sing?

rock klfjsglaksdfj

Is hank williams Sr. still alive?

No, he died in 1952.