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There are numerous public holidays celebrated among the eight regions of Australia. There are only six holidays, however, that are celebrated by all eight regions. These are; New Years Day (Jan 1), Australia Day (Jan 26), Anzac Day (April 25), Christmas Day (Dec 25), Good Friday (Varies) and Easter Monday (Varies).

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Which state in Australia has the most public holidays?

Currently, South Australia has the most, with 13 public holidays. See the related link below.

What are the public holidays in December in Australia?

Public holidays in December in Australia are Christmas Day (25 December) and Boxing Day (26 December).

Where can someone find a list of public holidays in Australia?

There are many sites you can visit to find out the public holidays taking place in Australia. Wikipedia has a list of these holidays and there is also a site dedicated to public holidays across all countries where you can find the information.

What are the public holidays in Australia for 2009?

Each of the states and territories may differ in when they have public holidays. It is therefore recommended that you go to the related link below to find out the relevant public holidays.

Is today a public holiday in Australia?


Why are some public holidays celebrated on different days around Australia?

Public holidays are celerbrated on different days around australia so that people get a widespread amount of days off to relise the significance of the holiday.

Is fastway couriers open on Australia day?

No they're not open on public holidays :)

Where can one find information for holidays in Australia?

Holiday information as it relates to Australia can be found on calendar websites like TimeAndDate. In addition, there are many other websites that encompass the realm of public holidays including PublicHolidaysAustralia.

What are the yearly Australian holidays?

There are various holidays celebrated in Australia but some of the National public holidays include Australia Day and Anzac Day. Other yearly holidays are much the same as North America with New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Public holidays in tarragona public holidays in catalonia?

The public holidays in Tarragona are the same than in Catalonia, and you have 2 more days of local holidays in every city of Catalonia.

Which country has most public holidays?

Cambodia has 27 public holidays in 2013.

How many New Zealand public holidays are there?

There are 11 public holidays each year.

When are the Public holidays in Thailand 2010?

Hithere are several Holidays (Public Holidays and Buddha Holidays) every year in Thailand. You'll find a (more or less) complete list of these days on this website: http:/, than click on Public Holidays.

Do Subway employees in Australia receive a penalty rate on a public holiday?

My Subway In Newcastle NSW does not give Penalty rates on public holidays or any other time.

Irish public holidays?

See Holidays link

What holidays do they have in Australia?


What public holidays is coles open?

Yeah if you live in Australia and you want go to coles on Chirstmas it opens after 12:00 i hope this helps

Why was the public holidays change to new ones after 1994?

Why was old public holidays changed to new ones after 1994?

Where do public holidays originate from?

diffferent holidays orginate from different countries

What are some political holidays in Ireland?

Ireland has bank holidays and public holidays. None would be considered as being political holidays.

Which days over Easter are public holidays?

In the UK, Good Friday and Easter Monday are both bank (public) holidays.

Does public transport run on public holidays in Glasgow?


Is there holiday to school?

Public holidays and school terms are designated on a state and territory basis, with the exception of national public holidays. Every countries have different policies about school holidays.

Are public and bank holidays inclusive of annual holidays?

No not really its a summer destination

What holidays are considered public holidays in Montenegro?

There are a number of holidays that are considered public holidays in 'Montenegro'. Including but not limited to May 1 Labour Day, May 21 Independence Day and January 7 Christmas Day.