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The same one who set the payments when you got the loan, the LENDER.

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Q: When arranging payments on a vehicle that you surrendered who sets the amount on what you pay monthly?
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How does a vehicle loan calculator work?

A vehicle loan calculator helps you to work out your monthly repayments. You choose the vehicle value or loan amount and the length period of the loan. Then the calculator will work out your monthly payments.

What are the differences between an automobile lease and an automobile loan?

When you take out a loan to buy a vehicle, you will be asked to make monthly payments for a certain number of years. At the end of that time you will own the vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, you make monthly payments for a certain number of years and then you give the automobile back to the dealer.

Can you trade in a used car for a cheaper vehicle in order to lower your monthly payments?

yes you can. yes you can. yes you can.

Is monthly private party car payments considered rental fees?

Until the vehicle is paid for, a person is basically renting the vehicle. If that person pays all but the last monthly payment and defaults, he or she has broken the contract (verbal or written) and is not entitled to any refunds or compensation. The monthly payments are rent for that vehicle, similar to renting anything else, an apartment, equipment, a moving van. The money is for the use or privilege of using the vehicle.

Can a vehicle be impounded or forfeited?

Yes, it can if you fail to pay the legal fees or fail to make your monthly payments on a loan.

What is special about the Repo Truck company?

There is no company with the name "Repo Truck", but "repossession" of a vehicle simply means the financial lending company "takes back" the vehicle, because monthly payments on the vehicle have ceased.

Can you make biweekly payments instead of monthly?

If you are referring to a vehicle, you can make as many payments during a month that you want. There are very few financial institutions or in-house financiers that won't accept a payment.

Why are monthly payments usually higher when you buy a vehicle than when you lease a vehicle?

because when you buy it, it's yours. when you lease it, you give it back to the leasee. In the latter case you are just paying for the opportunity to use the vehicle.

My husband died a year ago. Can the finance company repossessed my deceased husband's vehicle although I have been making timely monthly payments?


If your current on your monthly car payments but owe a past miscellanous fee not a late fee can they repossess the vehicle if you refuse to pay that fee?

After a couple of months they can and will

Which term describes an alternative to car buying where monthly payments are paid for a specific period of time after which the vehicle is returned to the dealership or bought?

Car leasing

Is there a good Vehicle loan calculator?

Auto finance and car loan tips to help making car buying easier.'s auto loan calculator estimates your monthly payments, down payments, interest rate.

Can a car dealership repo your car if you already have a lender for the vehicle?

The DEALERSHIP won't repossess the car, but the lender might if you don't make the monthly payments as scheduled.

What is a reputable source for information on a vehicle finance calculator?

A reputable source for information on a Vehicle Finance Calculator is Carmax. Carmax is a reputable Company and they have alot of resources available to help you estimate everything about your cost, from monthly payments to the total cost of a vehicle.

Vehicle electronic devices to locate vehicle in real time with out monthly payments of it?

It is possible to send the coordinates of a vehicle from the GPS system via GSM provided that it is in the GSM coverage such a system can be designed customed by a good electronic developer like Micro Developments

Can you pay principle payments towards your vehicle to avoid interest How will that benefit?

The answer is, it depends on what the contract says - it may say that prepayments are just early payments - you may owe 80 payments period, whether you pay them monthly or over 7.5 years. So RTFC (check the fine print)! :)

What is the difference between finance lease and installment paying?

When you enter into a retail installment sales contract for the purchase of a vehicle, your down payment and your monthly payments go toward the total purchase price of your vehicle. When you have paid off the financing, you own your car. When you lease a vehicle, you make payments to use the vehicle over the term of your lease. However, you don't own your car. At the end of your lease, you return it to the lessor.

Using a Vehicle Refinance Calculator to Reduce Your Auto Loan Payments ?

If your car payments are too high, try using a vehicle refinance calculator to help lower your payments. Before you go to the bank and ask for refinancing, use an online vehicle refinance calculator to figure out how much your monthly payment would be if you refinanced. The loan calculator will ask you to enter your principle balance, amount of your monthly loan, current interest rate, number of years that you will be financing and any fees associated with the loan. When you are finished, print out the loan calculator page and bring it to your bank when you ask for refinancing.

How do you take over the payments of a vehicle?

You must talk to the lender who has a lien on the vehicle. It is up to them if you will be allowed to take over the payments.

Can a vehicle be repossessed if you allowed a military person to take over vehicle payments and he has not paid anything?

it doesn't matter if the pope takes over your vehicle payments. if he stops making them, your credit is damaged and the vehicle is repossessed.

Can my insurance co. disability payments or my workers comp payments be garnished for a vehicle reposession?

They might be able to garnish your payments for the money that you owe them , but nothing more since vehicle has been repossessed.

What would the monthly payments for a dodge charger BE?

Monthly payments are determined by multiple factors; including total price of the vehicle, fees (taxes, title, etc.), down payment, interest rates (determined by your credit ratings) and length of the loan. An auto loan calculator can be used to figure out estimated payment amounts and can be found on multiple web sites and at your local bank.

You bought a car with gmac through finance after one month you realized that you made a mistake as you could not afford to meet the monthly payments what should you do?

First see if you can get the vehicle financed for a longer period of time, thus lowering your payments. If you can not do that then call the finance company and see if they can help some other way. Last, you may have to give the vehicle back.

If someone made payments to purchase vehicle and to pay remainder of balance when picking up the vehicle then changes mind is there a refund owed on payments?

No. You are not entitled to a refund if you made payments toward the purchase of a vehicle. In truth, if you signed a contract to purchase the vehicle, that vehicle is now secondary to the contract, you could still be held responsible for the balance of the loan, whether or not you still have the vehicle.

What is the hardest thing to change on a vehicle?

the payments