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As slowly as is needed to be safe.

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Q: When backing a vehicle what speed should you go?
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What should what should drivers do for their own safety?

Fasten that safety belt before moving the vehicle; look both ways before pulling out from a stop; obey speed limit signs ... "speed limit" is not the speed you HAVE to go, rather the highest speed allowed for that road in that area.

How does weight affect the speed of a viehicle?

A heavy vehicle can go just as fast as a light vehicle, it just takes longer and more HP to reach desired speed with a heavier vehicle.

What speed can Sudan go in a vehicle?

up to 120-160 mph

How many mph should you increase to pass another vehicle traveling in the same direction?

By law, you're still not permitted to go over the speed limit in order to overtake another vehicle.

How does tire size affect vehicle speed?

The larger the tire the faster the vehicle will go for every revolution of the wheel.

what is the average speed of a radio control vehicle?

The average speed of a radio controlled vehicle varies greatly by the type of radio control vehicle, brand, and frequency of the radio control. It can be super slow or can go super fast.

How fast do cars go when downhill?

Whatever speed they're allowed by the driver of the vehicle.

When coming to a stop behind a vehicle in city traffic you should be how far back?

Far enough that you could go around it without backing up, in case the one in front stalls or there is an emergency. It's difficult to put that in to a measurement of feet.

What minimum speed does the air bag deploy on a 2003 Dodge Durango slt?

There is no minimum vehicle speed. They can go off sitting still during a collision if the 'G' loads are correct on the vehicle.

Should your speed in a vehicle decrease when using your headlights?

Well it depends if you're having the old cars it is probably going to go down in speed when you turn the headlights on. If you have models 3 years or less it wouldn't slow down.

What happens if the speed sensor doesn't work on a 1999 Tahoe?

Transmission may not shift right are even go into over-drive. Vehicle speed reading may be wrong are not work. Check engine light should come on.

How fast does a 2.8hp engine go?

Speed is not determined solely by HP. You can estimate that a particular vehicle in particular conditions can achieve a certain speed, but these are only estimates. A vehicle with very low drag can go very fast on very little power.

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