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Well when applying for a business loan you will need to have a "Business Plan" this is a easy way for bankers to tell serious prepared entrepreneurs from the ones that are not and projected income is a section in this documented plan.

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Q: When buying a business can you use projected business revenue to help qualify for loan?
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What the impact of the economy in a business?

The economy directly affects business. When consumers have buying power, businesses will see more revenue. When the economy is depressed, businesses will see less revenue.

What differentiates capital expenditure from revenue expenditure?

Capital expenditure is spending from your savings (eg buying a house), Revenue expenditure is spending from your wages (eg buying a beer).

What is the term for individuals who invest in a business by buying shares of stock?

Individuals who invest in a business by buying shares of stock are called stockholders or shareholders.

Is it possible for me to buy someone else's small business?

In your case, you have to pass the legal process of buying a small business that you want to have though it is less risky than starting from scratch. There will be a broker that needs to find out about your skills and interests, then helps you select the right business for you. Then negotiate. It is really when brokers earn their keep. To get an idea of the company's anticipated returns and future financial needs, ask the business owner to show you projected financial statements.

Can I use a va loan for a small office space to start my small marketing business?

Loans by the Veterans' Administration are mortgage loans for the purpose of buying a house. Renting an office space does not qualify as a "mortgage." yes

How can i buy a book called buying a business?

If you go to the link I have included, you will find a book titled "The Complete Guide to Buying a Business". It should have all the information you need.

What are the key similarities between consumer buying behaviour and business buying behaviour?

There are many key similarities between consumer buying behavior and business buying behavior. For example, both businesses and consumers buy goods that are essential to quality of life.

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One can find information about buying a franchise business from the following sources: Franchise Direct, Chips Away, Entrepreneur, Business For Sale, Small Business Administration.

Is buying a computer with cash a business transaction?

Yes, buying a computer is a business transaction. You give monet and he gives you laptop or computer. There is exchange of money and goods. So it is a business transaction.

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business is the buying and selling of goods and services

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The nature and characteristics of the business market, the types of consumers, the different buying situations that occur in businesses and organizations, who is involved in the decision-making process and the business-to-business buying process

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What information needed to evaluate in buying a business?

There is some information which needs to be evaluated in buying a business. Essential information include value of capital, profit margins, location, core business and so much more.

What is the definition for commercial customers?

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Dicuss the concept and method of transmitting information in business and finance?

business has to with buying and selling

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You can receive a no down payment mortgage a few ways. Depending on the area in which you are buying, it may qualify for government funding. Another way is if you qualify as a military veteran.

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This income can come from a person or another business using part of the businesses property. E.g. if you had an upstairs area which wasn't being used you could lease it out to another business this may bring you more business. You could also lease your expensive items or equipment such as cars or photocopiers. This will save you money as they will have to fix it if it breaks and also you are buying it so you do not have to spend lots of money on the items or equipment.

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