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Lions can be dangerous to humans if you are in their territory or by their young.

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When humans threaten them or their cubs.

Yes, they have the potential to be dangerous to humans. Attacks, although rare, do happen.

Lions are dangerous to humans and other animals. Basicly lions are dangerous to everything, and everyone because they are meat eaters.

humans are powerful because they can kill a lion by a gun but still lions are dangerous

Because we are told it is the 'King of Beasts', and it is a very dangerous predator. It is a very beautiful, dangerous predator. The lion was made famous by the Lion King movies and as humans, we are attracted to danger and beauty.

No, it is not.The golden lion tamarin is a species of small monkey, which is harmless and endangered (and cute).It is an endangered species because humans are dangerous and greedy. Humans are responsible for the poaching, trophy hunting and habitat loss of this peaceful and harmless monkey.Further ReadingGolden Lion Tamarin on the World Wildlife Fund websiteGolden Lion Tamarin on Wikipedia

dangerous it is complete dangerous for man and child and wife lion will ripped you to pieces

No. They are both felines, but to keep a lion in the house would be dangerous for humans and cruel to the lion. Plus you would need a litter box the size of a tennis court.

the hippopotamus is more dangerous than a shark but the lion is the most dangerous

BECUSE lion is not the dangerous animal

African lion is more dangerous because lion is the second largest cat after the tiger.

Black Bear, Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Mountain Lion, Moose, Wolverine, Humans.

Not normally, but Humans are dangerous to them.

Lion enemies are humans or nothing

No a dolphin is not dangerous to humans.

A Lion is a dangerous animal and can be tamed

angel sharks are not dangerous to humans.

no I am pretty sure that they are not dangerous to humans

There various dangerous features of a lion. Some of them include the sharp claws, strong paw and the teeth which are quite dangerous among others.

Brave lion. ,brown lion , yellow ish lion , dangerous lion ,old lion ,weak lion,

The creatures in Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe enjoyed humans.

they can be dangerous, but not to humans

Yes very, their spikes are venomous. If you want it for a marine tank just dont handle it to much and you should be fine

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