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It differs by states. Some aloow 10 days ,some until the lender makes a sale on the repo. Check with a local attorney.

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Can repo men your other car to get to the other car?

I missed my payment on my jeep and they repoed my other car. Can they do that

If the lienholder repos car due to default and you never missed a payment and continue paying off car is that no different than a regular repo?

When it gets to your CR, a repo is a repo is a repo. Theres only one.

If I pay bi weekly and have missed one payment. Can they repo my car?

You will have to speak with your finance company to determine when they will repossess your car. Each company has different rules and requirements and in most cases if you contact them about the missed payment they may be able to make payment arrangements with you.

How far do you have to be behind on a car payment before your car is repo?

2 payment

How long does a loan company have to repossess your car in Maryland?

Legally, your car could be reposessed after one missed payment. The terms of your contract cover default. Most will not repo your car after just one missed payment, but they could. I would certainly suggest attempting to work something out with the bank.

Can a dealership repo your car for stop payment?

Yes they can.

Why a bank will repo a car?

Non-payment of loan.

Can a car place repo your car if you have made half of your payment?

Not making the entire payment is still a default on payment. You will be charged the late fee and you will need to make it right with the bank or they will start the process of repo.

Is it considered a repo when you turn the auto in yourself and have not missed a payment no bank involved made payments to the company the van had problems and your credit report shows it as a repo?

I have a friend whom has a Leased Vehicle they tried to repo her car because of ONE unpaid parking ticket?

The only way her vehicle can become repossesed is if she missed a payment.

If I am 45 days late with my car payment can they repo my car in Pennsylvania?

no they can't

Can the repo people take your car after you made a payment?

Yes, until the repo order is canceled by the owner.

Can the dealer repo your car if your 6days late on a payment?

I suppose in theory they could depending on what the loan terms are, but I would say it would have to be a pretty unethical establishment to do that. Typically it's two missed payments. Get that payment in on time!

Can a lender repo a car in Pennsylvania if the person is just one month and 7 days late on his payment?

Check your contract for anything special, but I see no reason why they cant.IF you are in DEFAULT, YES, they can repo. no you were more late then your saying I bet. Legally, a lender may contract your vehicle for repo at midnight the day youre payment is due. Most wont, but legally they can reposess your vehicle the day after your missed payment

When can the bank repo your truck?

When you've missed a payment or two or three - they can usually do it legally after one missed payment, but they don't want your silly truck, they want their money. So they hire a repo man to get the truck back and sell it at auction as fast as possible to get SOME cash back...

In the state of Georgia can a warrant be put out for the arrest of the buyer after one payment is missed on the vehicle?

Highly unlikely after one missed payment. But if you miss three or four payments AND hide the vehicle from the repo man, it is possible.

Can a repo man take your car?

if you are late 15 days on your payment they can take your car away.

If you fail to complete the deposit for your down payment but are already financed and making car note payments can the car dealer repo your car for the remaining down payment?


If your car is going to be repossessed but you make a payment to get caught up can they still repossess the car?

Until the LENDER cancels the repo order with the repo company, you are fair game.

How long before Aarons sales and lease can repo?

aarons can repo as soon as you have missed your first payment as long as u give up the product if u dont nothing really they can do about it

Can your car be repossed before your car payment is due?

No, until you have missed a scheduled payment (at the very least), the lender has no right to the property.

Can a car company repo your auto after one missed payment and what is a right to cure letter -missouri?

If a bank has a lien on a unit and you are not paying they have the right to repo it. You need to talk to them and work out payments. A cure letter is them giving you 20 days to either pay the delinquent amount or they will take other actions such as a law suit or repo.

Can a lender repo a car after 5 years?

The statute of limitation expires five years from the last payment. They can't repo the car, but they don't have to give you a clear title either.

Can a person report a car stolen if you missed one payment on it but you have a contract?


How many months can you go without paying your car payment before repossessed?

It depends on the lender. Prime lenders like Cap One may come after you vehicle after the first payment is missed. Chase might take two weeks from the missed payment. Other lenders may wait 30, 60, 90, or even 120 days before issuing a notice of repossession.