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You can draw blood above an iv if the fluids running have been stopped and you have waited at least ten minutes before drawing the blood after the fluids were stopped.

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Q: When can you draw blood blood above an IV?
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How do you draw blood from an IV line?

Type your answer here... if a patient has an intravenous line (IV) in the arm, can the phlebotomist draw blood

What condition could happen if you draw blood from a mastectomy patient?

if you draw blood from the arm from the surgical side, they could get swelling of the arm from poor circulation, called lymphedema. so they cannot have any blood draws, iv's, injections or blood pressue taken on that arm at all.

What are the release dates for Draw Poker - 1982 IV VG?

Draw Poker - 1982 IV VG was released on: USA: 1982

Does a CNA draw blood?

If a CNA is a certified phlebotomists then they could draw blood.

What IV solutions are not compatible with blood products?

no IV drugs are compatible with blood products. Only 0.9NS is compatible with and can be hung with blood.

Why do you draw blood below IV site?

When asking why blood is drawn 'below' an IV site, it is presumed that this means distal (or further from the heart) when compared to the IV. The reason for drawing blood distal to the site of IV insertion is simple. When venous blood returns to the heart, administration of medications, electrolytes, and fluids is often through the IV. Therefore, we want to obtain blood which has not yet been affected by the medication or fluids given to the patient through the IV. For example, if a patient's blood magnesium levels are low, and we are giving therapeutic magnesium to increase these levels, we would want to monitor the effect of our treatment. Therefore, we would want to see the effect of magnesium infusion at a site without interference by the magnesium being infused through the IV. Therefore, we measure distal to the site of the IV, so that our blood sample represents the body's general levels magnesium, without influence from the IV line.

How do you say i am going to draw your blood for labs in spanish?

I am going to draw your blood for labs

What site do you never draw BLOOD from an infant and why?

you never draw BLOOD from an infant from the baby

How do you draw perfume bottle?

Draw an rectangle then a square above it

Why are IV bags always hung above the patient?

The IV bag is suspended above the patient to allow the fluid to be gravity fed .

Can you draw blood from the leg?

not necessarily, you want to find a vein by the heart to draw fresh blood

What is IV hydration?

It is the introduction of water directly into the blood stream using an IV.

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