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When can zip drives be useful to students?

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When they are developing themes, spreadsheets, etc on different computers ie a home computer and a school computer,, most schools will not let students store things on the school hard drive, floppies are a dying art. Zip drives are much more convient and rasy to care for.

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What is Zip Drives?

Zip drives are a backup storage device manufactured by IOmega. With the development of high density writable CD's and DVD's, zip drives have become far less popular.

Comparing flash drives and Zip drives, which is less prone to data loss?

Zip drives have less of a chance of losing data but no where near as portable.

Is zip drives input output or storage devices?

Zip drives are both input-output and storage devices.

What do hard drives floppy drives and Zip drives have in common?

They all store information.

What will a zip drive copy?

Nothing. Zip drives are storage devices.

What is pierce bluff drives zip code?

16148 ZIP code

Are zip drives interchangeable with floppies?

No. Zip drives cannot read floppy disks, and cannot be used on a traditional floppy controller.

What is the storage capacity of a zip drive?

250mb is the capacity for a zip disk The early Zip drives had just 100MB.

What year did zip drives come out?


Name 3 examples of secondary storage devices?

Some examples are hard drives, CD drives, DVD drives, flash drives, zip drives, and floppy drives

What is a drive used to read and write data to a zip disk?

As strange as it may seem, you write to a zip disk using a zip drive...Zip drives are pretty much out of favor now, everyone is using DVD's, flash drives and external hard drives.But if you need to read an old zip disk, see if you can find an old I-Omega zip drive. I would offer to sell you mine but it's long gone.

What are the different types of drives?

There are tons of kinds of drives. Floppy Disk Drives, CD-ROM drives, PATA Hard drives, zip drives, flash drives, DVD drives, SATA hard drives.... The list could go on and on and on...

Name some auxiliary storage devices?

floppy disks tape drives hard drives cd-rom zip drives

Is the use of internet really for students?

Its useful for students, But its also useful for the Public.

What technology standard is used to govern how drives such as CD-ROM drives Zip drives and hard drives can interface with a system?

Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (EIDE)

How do zip superdisk and jaz disks compare to hard drives and floppy disks?

Zip,Super Disk, and Jaz drives hold large amounts of data and are portable.Floppy Disk and hard drives and notportableand cant hold that much data.

How can a webcam be useful for students?

a webcam will be useful to students by having a connection with students who left the school. to do a group work at school.

Need of drives in motor?

Drives - I assume you are referring to Variable frequency Drives. The drives are useful when a motor needs to rotate at different speeds when in operation with out stopping it.

What are some popular computer storage devices?

There are a lot kinds of computer storage devices such as Hard drives, Floppy drives, Zip drives, CompactFlash cards, Tape drives, SD cards, CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray drives.

Have a gateway notebook . and have several old zip drives what do you need to recover the information?

The old Iomega ZIP drives were not as reliable as could be hoped. You'd need to find a working USB ZIP drive and connect it to a new computer, then try to read the information off the disks.

What are some examples of data storage devices?

Some examples of data storage devices include: * Hard drives * CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray drives * Floppy drives * Zip drives * USB Flash drives * CompactFlash cards * SD cards * Tape drives

What are the disadvantages of a zip disk?

It has very limited storage capacity. Most zip disks have a capacity of either 100 MB or 250 MB while 750 MB variations are rarer and can only be used in internal zip drives. Additionally, zip disks and drives are fairly expensive in comparison to their capacity and they have a tendency for mechanical failure due to moving parts.

What is a magnetic storage device?

A magnetic storage device is any storage medium that uses a magnetic medium to store data. Examples include hard drives, floppy disk drives, zip drives, and tape drives.

What is a JAZZ drive?

A Jazz drive is similar to a Zip drive. Jazz drives are external storage devices that use cartridges to store information on. With portable hard drives and flash drives available, the Jazz drives are obsolete.

How could a digital camcorder be useful to students and professional business?

Answering "How could a digital camcorder be useful to students and professional business?"