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When changing a sim card what is the pin that is ask for?

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You would haft 2 call or visit your local retail store (at&t verzion alltel t-mobile ect.) and ask them that is all I have hope i helped!!! You would haft 2 call or visit your local retail store (at&t verzion alltel t-mobile ect.) and ask them that is all I have hope i helped!!!

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Does an iPhone have a SIM card or battery card?

the iphone has a sim card which slots in the top of the iphone. to get the sim card tray out you have to use a pin or the special tool it came with to open it.

Your SIM card is blocked how do you unblock it?

If you enter the PIN and PUK code on your phone incorrectly to many times, the sim card will the become blocked. At this point, u can take it to the service operator office (airtel or any).. and they ask some questions about your sim card.. and they can unlock it.... i did it...

What is SIM card rejection?

you entered an incorrect PIN

What is the pin code in enterfactory?

It depends on the pin given to your sim card/ phone no.09365380164

How do you retrieve your mxit password?

Send "pin" to 34006 from the sim card of the lost pin code and it should be retrieved. (South Africa only)If it is not your sim code's pin, or if you are overseas, you cannot retrieve the pin ..

Network pin for t-mobile sims card?

network pin for tmobile sim cards

How do you unlock a pin code?

Type in the PUK code. Are you talking about a SIM-Card pin or something else?

Why does Sim card one side cut?

The cut mark on the corner is to avoid the misalignment of the contacts of SIM card and mobile phone cardholder pins. Pin number 1 of the SIM card to make the contact with the corresponding pin of the mobile phone. The cut mark serve as a guide for proper placement of card in mobile phones.

How do you block bsnl sim card?

To block the SIM card, a person must call the company's customer service line. They will ask identifying questions, and then they will block the SIM card.

How do you unblock your SIM card?

If you enter the PIN and PUK code on your phone incorrectly to many times, the sim card will the become blocked. At this point, the only option left is to take it to your wireless provider to receive a new sim card.

Where do you put the SIM card in the iphone?

on the top of the phone next to the plug for the earphones, there is a small pin hole u need to insert the pin that came with the phone and it will pop out the sim case

Do iphones use sim cards?

Yes. In order to take a sim card in or out, you look at the top of the phone and you'll see a tiny hole. Stick a safety pin or needle inside and the sim card will pop out. (No lie)

Can you put a tesco sim card in vodafone phone?

I put in a tesco sim in a voda phone mobile but it has pin code on the screen, how do i unlock it?

How do you enter the pin code into your new t-mobile sim card?

If it is network pin code you can get that code and instruction how to enter it .,from

What is the SIM 1 and SIM 2 PINs?

The default SIM 1 pin is 1111. The default SIM 2 pin is 2222.

How do you use a T-Mobile SIM card in an ATT phone?

you have to go online to buy a unlock code for the phone, once you have the unlock code you can put the sim card in and it will ask you for the code.if not you can buy a sim card holder that can convert your tmobile sim card into the at&t phone so you have use of the at&t phone, but with tmobile!get it?yes, you can. as long as your sim card will fit in the sim card slot.

Where is the Sim card slot on an iPhone 3gs?

It's in the middle of the Power button and the earphone slot. You will see a small hole on top. stick a small paper clip, bobby pin, pin, etc. into the hole and push lightly down. A slide containing the SIM card will eject and you can pull it out and eject the card.

How is the IPhone 4 sim card removed?

If you have an iPhone 4, locate the tray in the right edge of the casing. Gently insert Apple's SIM card removal tool or a straightened paperclip into the pin-sized ...

What does Zum Aktivieren des Iphones gultiqe sim-karte ohne pin-schutz einlegen mean in English?

Zum Aktivieren des iPhones gültige SIM-Karte ohne PIN-Schutz einlegen. Insert valid SIM card without PIN protection before activating the iPhone.

Where do the sim go in the iPhone?

There's a SIM card tray on the top of the phone between the headphone jack and the lock button. It can be opened with a pin or the SIM tray opening tool that came with the iPhone.

Can you put an at and t contract Sim card in a net ten prepaid phone?

If the net 10 phone is "unlocked" and the sim card fits. Usually the phone needs to be unlocked network wise not pin wise.

Where can one get a free Vodafone SIM card?

One can get a free Vodaphone SIM card by going onto their website and creating an account. Then going onto the option of getting a free SIM card mailed to you. Also, you can go and visit one of their shops nearest to you and ask to talk to an employee about getting a free SIM card.

How do i transfer old SIM card contacts to new SIM card?

You have to go to ur cell phone store and ask them to do it for you. If you fried your SIM card, like I did a few days ago, then you have to go to your cell phone store and get a new SIM card. Don't worry, not everything on your cell phone is saved on your SIM card. Your contact list is saved on your cell phone. So you don't have to ask everyone in your contact list for their numbers again. That would take a while if you don't every number memorized.

How do I enter unlock code for htc touch pro 2 if The phone don't ask YOUfor an unlock code when I inset sim card?

If you insert the sim card in the HTC Touch Pro 2 and it does not prompt you for an unlock code then try using another sim card. Inserting the sim card should prompt for a code.

How do you make a inactive sim card to a active sim card?

You call your carrier and activate your sim card.