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Chinese troops entered the Korean War about December 1950

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Who would likely enter the next Korean War?

Yes, the North Koreans are practicing right now in December 2010 and said that they are going to attack if they get to practice. If they attack the South, the US Army is going to get involved but if the South Koreans attack, which is somewhat unlikely, the Chinese is going to get involved. The North Koreans are allied with the Chinese and the South is allied with the US Army.

Why did China enter the Korean War?

they saw UN troops as a threat

Why did the people republic of china entered the Korean war?

China declared if U.S. Troops reached the China border (Yalu River) the Chinese would enter the war.

What were the US entrance strategies in Korean War?

Enter South Korea and drive the North Koreans back into North Korea.

When did Chinese troops enter the war in Korea?

Red Chinese (there were two Chinas in the 1960s!); they entered in late 1950.

Why did the Chinese enter the Korean War?

The Chinese entered the Korean War in response to UN attacks that crossed the 38th Parallel while expelling North Korean troops that invaded the South in June, 1950.The Chinese wanted to avoid the occupation of North Korea, which like China was a communist state. Both China and the Soviet Union supplied North Korea with arms and other materials throughout the war. Soviet and Chinese aircraft flew against the UN forces.Two InvasionsAfter UN forces drove the North Koreans out of South Korea in October, 1950, the Chinese launched a massive ground assault that overran South Korea. Over the next two years, US and UN forces managed to again push north, countering new offensives, so that the borders of the 1953 armistice were roughly the same as before the war.

In what year did US enter the Korean War?

Truman committed troops to enforce the UN demand on June 30, 1950.

How do you write Do Not Enter in Korean symbols?

Type your answer here... Do Not Enter is 출입금지 in Korean.

Why did the the people's republic of china enter the Korean war?

the Korean war wasn't actually a war it was a conflict :-) people make that mistake all the time. . . The Chinese intervened after Republic of Korea and US forces entered into Chinese territory by crossing the 38th Parallel .

What are ways people move in North Korea?

actually you are forbidden to leave or enter without permission of the government but the way most koreans escape is through south koreans tunnel which south koreans build to help north koreans escape in to south korea

Why was Mac Arthur confident that the Chinese wouldn't cross the Yalu River?

He was confidant simply because he didn't think they'll dare. Remember, the People's Republic of China had just been created a few years prior and was a very weak, and justifiably paranoid communist nation. What an idiot. The Chinese, who had Americans enter their territory despite warnings entered the Korean war, and the rest is history. Koreans often dislike Chinese because of their involvement, they fail to see that it isn't entirely their fault.

How do you say enter in Chinese?

進入Does that (above) tell you how to say 'enter' in Chinese.?

When did British troops enter France?

uk troops entered in 1939

Which area did German troops enter in 1936?

german troops enreted the Rhineland in 36

Why did the US enter the Korean war-?

The US entered the Korean war in order to protect South Korea

When did US troops enter Baghdad?

US troops entered Baghdad on April 7, 2003.

Can south Koreans visit north Koreans?

in person? NOPE! in person with government on back? YEP! Government sometimes make deals, which is South Korean meeting North Korean, and this is not for tour. It is for family reunion, but ironically, they can't take the Family back to one country. Another case is for tourism. There is a biggest mountain in Korea, called 백두산, baek-doo-san, or baek-doo mountain, and it is famous because there is a science theory that say if baek-doo mountain explodes again,(it is volcanic) it can threat the world. In fact, in 11th century, it corrupted once, and the pieces of rocks fell in japan, china, and russia. anyway, to go there, South Koreans must enter the China first, as the mountain is located in border of China and North Korea, and they can enter the mountain journey. It is hard! Source: from my brain with textbook knowledge.

How do you get troops in barracks on travian?

You build troops in barracks, you cannot get troops in barracks. You can build troops by going to the page of the barracks, type a number (for example 1) in the correct field and click on enter.

What Factors led to General Douglas McCarthur being fired by Truman?

During the early stages of the Korean War, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was a proponent of liberating the entire Korean Peninsula from communist influence. President Truman and Secretary of State Dean Acheson felt that if this plan was followed it would cause the Communist Chinese to enter the war and expand it beyond acceptable limits. Following the Inchon landing, General MacArthur's United Nations troops pushed the North Koreans north to the Yalu River, the border between North Korea and China. General MacArthur advocated attacking Chinese forces, but was denied this action by President Truman and Secretary Acheson. General MacArthur then began to publicly disagree with his Commander in Chief and to seek to weaken him politically with the support of U.S. Senators, including Joe McCarthy. President Truman's statement on April 10, 1951 can be found at the link below.

When did the US enter the Korean War?

Following the UN resolution of June 27, 1950, President Harry S. Truman authorized US forces to support the South Koreans against the invasion from North Korea. Truman officially approved the transfer of US combat forces to Korea on June 30, 1950.

How do you say do not enter in Chinese?

i have no flippin clue......hhahaaha

What does You May Enter mean in Chinese?

"You may enter" translates to 你可以进入 (nǐ kěyǐ jìnrù) in Mandarin Chinese.

What resulted from the UN invasion of North Korea?

It caused China to enter the Korean War.

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