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Until the reign of Constantine, only a fairly small proportion of the Roman Empire's population was Christian, estimated by some to be around ten per cent overall. With the state patronage introduced by Emperor Constantine and the persecution by the Christian emperors of the pagan temples, Christianity began to grow strongly throughout the fourth century. By the end of the century, the faith was important in Europe.

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The victory at the Battle of Tours prevented Islam from spreading into Europe. This preserved Christianity for many centuries.Because if the Muslims had won, western Europe might have become part of the Muslim Empire.

Christianity originated in europe

One important result of the Battle of Tours was that Christianity survived in western Europe.

It allowed the safety of missionaries who taught that a personal relationship with God was more important. Pagan traditions were incorporated with Christianity. This allows Christianity to spread all over Europe.

The areas of Europe that likely believed in Christianity was the western part of Europe, which is Spain and Italy.

Moscow was a major trading center in Medieval Europe.

Christianity is the oldest religion in Europe.

Christianity is mostly practiced in Europe

Christianity is the biggest religion in Europe, but there are many religions in Europe.

Islam ideas were spread from Africa to Europe. And Christianity ideas were spread from Europe to Africa.

Christianity has never become world wide.

The religion in Europe in the 1600 c was Christianity

The main religion practised in Europe is Christianity.

AnswerNo. Christianity arose in the Middle East, probably in Palestine.

Christianity is predominant in the western regions of the world, such as America and Europe.

Since the first century, Christianity has been practiced in Europe. It has been established that the Christian Church can be traced back to Peter and Paul in Europe.

Generally speaking Christianity is the dominate overall religion in Europe. Christianity is divided in Europe between Catholicism and many Protestant denominations.

Catholicism in Western Europe, Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe.

Western Europe had been falling into decay. People had forgotten the knowledge of the Greeks and Romans. The Franks had become barbarians and neglected education and Christianity.

Yes. The most important reason for the spread of Christianity throughout Europe, and indeed the world, was the adoption of the religion by national rulers. When Vladimir converted to Christianity, he demanded of his subjects that they too became Christians.

Christianity and Muslim are two of the major religions in Europe

Christianity is important because it is an religion based on a life and teaching of Jesus.

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