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When did Clare Piller die?

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Clare Piller died on October 14, 2009, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada of cancer.

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What is the birth name of Clare Piller?

Clare Piller's birth name is Clare Mazzoleni.

When did Matthias Piller die?

Matthias Piller died in 1788.

When did György Piller die?

György Piller died on 1960-09-06.

When did Michael Piller die?

Michael Piller died on November 1, 2005 at the age of 57.

When did Clare Atwood die?

Clare Atwood died in 1962.

When did Clare Raglan die?

Clare Raglan died in 2002.

When did Ralph Clare die?

Ralph Clare died in 1670.

When did James Clare die?

James Clare died in 1930.

When did Ada Clare die?

Ada Clare died in 1874.

When did Clare Venables die?

Clare Venables died in 2003.

When did Clare Mapledoram die?

Clare Mapledoram died in 1983.

When did Clare Mallory die?

Clare Mallory died in 1991.

When did Clare Heald die?

Clare Heald died in 1973.

When did Tom Clare die?

Tom Clare died in 1946.

When did Clare Purcell die?

Clare Purcell died in 1964.

When did Clare of Assisi die?

Clare of Assisi died in 1253.

When did Clare Magee die?

Clare Magee died in 1969.

When did Clare Hodges die?

Clare Hodges died in 2011.

When did Clare Hoffman die?

Clare Hoffman died in 1967.

When did Clare Darcy die?

Clare Darcy died in 1978.

When did Clare Dennis die?

Clare Dennis died in 1971.

When did Kenny Clare die?

Kenny Clare died in 1984.

When did Thomas Clare die?

Thomas Clare died in 1940.

When did Clare Ford die?

Clare Ford died in 1899.

When did Clare Imrie die?

Clare Imrie died in 1944.

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