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When did Communism in Russia start?


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"Communism," began in late October 1917 (Old Style calendar) during World War 1 after the Bolshevik Revolution. To be more accurate however, this form of government was actually socialism, not communism as Karl Marx saw it. Even the Bolsheviks/Communists understood this distinction at the time.


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Communism was first developed in Russia

Communism first started or developed in Russia after the end of World War 1. The embarrassing defeat in World War 1 caused those in power to switch from the monarchy to communism.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin founded communism in Russia.

The Communists seized power in Russia in 1917 (World War 1).

Communism occurred in Russia because people were more poor and desperate in Russia than in Britain.

The rise of communism, in 1917, in Russia, was when the White Russian aristocracy was overthrown by the Bolshevik Red Russian communism.

Vladimir I. Lenin introduced the concept of communism to Russia in 1917, although in truth he only created a socialist government. True communism, as Karl Marx envisioned it, was never introduced in Russia.

How communism is faring in today's Russia.

Communism didn't last in Russia because Stalin had a warped idea of communism. It failed because it never was true communism, but was always corrupted. I believe it was not communism in the USSR, but more of a deadly mix of Socialism and Totalitarianism.

Communism was developed out of the need to replace the ruling class of the Cezars of Russia. It was to give those in Russia and Utopian ideal.

Yes, Russia was the first to adopt Communism. The Soviet Union did not exist yet. Karl Marx invented the idea of communism in Germany though.

Vladimir Lenin is credited with starting communism in Russia. Vladimir Lenin was a communist revolutionary, politician, and political theorist.

Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party brought "communism" to Russia in 1917 through the October Revolution. It should be noted that true communism was never instituted in Russia (or in any other country for that matter). The revolution brought a socialist state to Russia. The theory was that socialism would eventually evolve into communism generations later. It never did.

The Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin brought "communism" to Russia, although it was not "communism", it was actually socialism. There has never been a country that has been "communist" in the sense that Karl Marx described communism.

russia power was way to strong so they had to change it.

It was first founded in Russia

Russia, China, and Cuba.

Yes, the massive territorial expansionism associated with Russia come after 1917 with communism.

Vladimir Lenin certainly launched communism in Russia and Joseph Stalin was the major leader who did the most to solidify communism in the Soviet Union.

Russia went from communism to capitalism because Russian president Boris Yeltsin ordered the liberalization of foreign trade, prices, and currency to change the economy in Russia.

The Bolshevik Revolution led to socialism, not communism, in Russia.

Lenin and Trotsky in the 1917 October Revolution inroduced communism in Russia. When Joseph Stalin after years came on the political and administrative arena, communism was already there for him to pollute and abuse.

The form of Government in Russia under Stalin was Communism

no i do not think so, because communism is the best thing that ever happened to Russia no i do not think so, because communism is the best thing that ever happened to Russia

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