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They didn't actually 'unite'. Wales was conquered by the English in the Middle Ages and officially annexed in 1536.
England does not "own" Wales, both countries are part of the United Kingdom.
but well they are actually because my textbook says so

Your text book is wrong. Wales has a status within the UK which is similar to individual states within the United States.

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Q: When did England and Wales unite?
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In which year did England and wales unite with Scotland?

1707. It should never have happened.

When did wales and England unite to form The United Kingdom of Great Britain?

Wales was annexed by England in 1282 but the United Kingdom was formed by the joining of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England in 1707.

Why did England unite with Northern Ireland?

England did not unite with Northern Ireland. Ireland was at one time part of the British empire. Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales became the United Kingdom in 1801. In 1922, the Republic of Ireland became independent and Northern Ireland was formed and remained in the United Kingdom.

Is Liverpool in England or Wales?

Liverpool is in England. close to Wales, but in England.

In what country is the city of Spittal in?

There is one in England and another in west Wales.There is one in England and another in west Wales.There is one in England and another in west Wales.There is one in England and another in west Wales.There is one in England and another in west Wales.There is one in England and another in west Wales.

Wales v England Six Nations results in the last five years?

2008. England 19 - Wales 26 2009. Wales 23 - England 15 2010. England 30 - Wales 17 2011. Wales 19 - England 26 2012. England 12 - Wales 19

Is Wales close to England?

Wales is directly to the west of England.Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France

Does England surround Wales?

No, England borders Wales. Wales in not a landlocked country. It is on the Irish sea.

Is Wales part of England?

No, Wales is not part of England. England and Wales are separate regions, but they're both within Great Britain.

5 castles in England and Wales?

Warwick Castle (England) Windsor Castle (England) Carnarvon castle (Wales) Harlech castle (Wales) Pembroke Castle (Wales)

What is the capital of Wales England?

Wales and England are two different places.

Was England captain of Wales?

no England has never been capital of Wales

What is the capital of Wales in England?

Both Wales and England are part of the United Kingdom, but Wales is not part of England. The capital of Wales is Cardiff (or Caerdydd, in Welsh). The capital of England, and also capital of the UK, is London.

What are the four countries of the uk?

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

When did England become part of Wales?

England is not part of Wales. England and Wales are two different countries, but they are both within the United Kingdom.

Is leeds in Wales?

leeds is in wales

Which countries are near Wales?

England is the only country bordering wales however Northern Ireland,Scotland and the R.O.I. are very close by.Wales has a boundary with England.

What is the tallest mountain in England and Wales?

Scarfell pike in England and Snowdon in Wales

Is England bigger than Wales?

Yes England is bigger than wales

What football ground is in Wales and England?

Nothing is in Wales abd England. They do not overlap.

What is the sea between England and Wales?

England and Wales are connected by land but there is a body of water between parts of England and Wales. The body of water between the south-west of England and the South of Wales is the Bristol Channel, it is not a sea. Though to the north of Wales there is the Irish Sea.

Where are wales from?

Wales is a country to the west of England. It's kind of between England and Ireland.

Was Wales in England in 1916?

Wales is a separate country to England, in 1916 & always has been, as such.

What is the name of the governing body for solicitors in England and Wales?

The Law Society of England and Wales

What country is closest to England wales or Scotland?

Wales and Scotland both have a border with England.