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When did Florida become part of the US?


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Florida became part of the US, as a territory in 1822 and became a state in 1845.


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1810 Americans in the West Florida, this part of Florida extended to the Mississippi River had revolted against Spanish rule and asked to become part of the US This is straight out of my text book.

It became the 27th US State in 1845.

Florida became a part of the U.S. on March 3, 1845

It isn't part of the US- it is in the US, in Orlando, Florida.

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Anything west of the Mississippi, and Florida.

Florida became part of the United States on March 3, 1845 (27th state)

It became the 27th US State in 1845.

it became part of the us in 1832

Florida is the largest peninsula.

you all should have every thing on this web site becuz i just typed in a question and your web site could not answer it and that is pretty bad the question was:when did Florida become part of the united states

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1845, it's on the quarter.

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