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Well from the facts, the Japan wanted south East Asia and before they could do so, they needed to break US grip on the pacific to allow them control of the seas. To break the US control, the pacific fleet had to be wiped out, especiallly the 4 major US carriers. Unfortuantely all they did was destroyed a few battelships while the carriers escaped totally unharmed.

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Q: When did Japan plan the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
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Why did japan attack the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor?

they attckad pearl harbor because the japenese were trying to plan to take the oil tanks of oil from the us to bring back to japan or somewhere

What made the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

America did not want Japan to take over China, so America stopped trading oil and other strategic materials to Japan. Japan got mad because they needed the oil and materials, and started to plan the attack.

How did Japan plan the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Some of the intelligence gathered in Pearl Harbor was done by 'tourists' taking pictures of the layout of the island. Where our military had its strengths as well as weaknesses. What weapons would be available to target, etc. One of the most fortunate events for the U.S. was simply that the Japanese did NOT have intelligence information stating that our Aircraft Carriers would not be in port.

Did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?

Yes. On December 7, 1941, a Japanese carrier fleet made an air attack on Pearl Harbor in the US territory of Hawaii. They sank several battleships and destroyed parts of the US naval bases. The attack was part of a plan to prevent the US from interfering in Japan's conquest of the Philippines and the other islands in the western Pacific. The US declared war on Japan, beginning direct US involvement in World War II that ultimately led to the defeat of the Axis.

Why did the us fight against the Nazi's?

There really wasn't much choice. After Pearl Harbor was bombed the US declared war on Japan and as a result Germany, who was an ally of Japan, declared war on US. We would have gotten involved anyway because the goal of Germany was world domination. The plan was beat England and then invade the US.

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What was Japan's plan for Pearl Harbor?

Eliminate it.

Who devised the plan for the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto .

Why did japan attack the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor?

they attckad pearl harbor because the japenese were trying to plan to take the oil tanks of oil from the us to bring back to japan or somewhere

How did the bombing at Pearl Harbor change the way you think of war today?

Pearl Harbor was a classic example of betrayal between countries. Japan attacked the United States after denying any plan of attack. This event was best described as "A date which will live in infamy", many Americans were killed in this attack.

How long did the Japanese plan the attack on Pearl Harbor 1941?

the pearl harbor attacks occurred all throughout 1941, but even before that, it started after japan invaded Manchuria.

Why was the Pearl Harbor bombing so devastating for the US?

They had stayed out of the war so far and the bombing helped them make their decision They would join the war, World War 2 the japan people didnt want to kill our people it was to scare us from there plan of battle with other countries

Did Hirohito plan to bomb pearl harbor?


Who gave the order to attack Pearl Harbor?

Yamamoto planned out the whole plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Vice Admiral Nagumo was the fleet commander, with Yamamoto commanding everything from Japan. One pilot, seeing that there was no resistance, squawked on the radio, "Tora, Tora!", which started the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Who thought of the plan to attack pearl harbor?

admiral yamamoto

The American plan for attacking Pacific Islands?

pearl harbor

Did japan plan on envading the mainland of America?

no they only bombed pearl harbor so they could manouver their navy without us getting involved. the plan backfired and we nuked them

Who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor?

AnswerI believe Japan's greatest naval strategist, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, helped plan the attack on Pearl Harbor, but also argued that the U.S. fleet in Hawaii was "a dagger pointed at our throat" and must be destroyed.

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