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Norwegian Crusade happened in 1107.

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Where did the third crusade happen?

The third crusade happened in Jeruslam

When did Space Crusade happen?

Space Crusade happened in 000.

When did Savoyard crusade happen?

Savoyard crusade happened in 1367.

When did Despenser's Crusade happen?

Despenser's Crusade happened in 1383.

When did Eighth Crusade happen?

Eighth Crusade happened in 1270.

When did Seventh Crusade happen?

Seventh Crusade happened in 1248.

When did Albigensian Crusade happen?

Albigensian Crusade happened in 1209.

When did Crusade of Varna happen?

Crusade of Varna happened in 1444.

When did Livonian Crusade happen?

Livonian Crusade happened in 12##.

When did Third Crusade happen?

Third Crusade happened in 1189.

When did Fifth Crusade happen?

Fifth Crusade happened in 1213.

When did Second Crusade happen?

Second Crusade happened in 1145.

When did Guardian's Crusade happen?

Guardian's Crusade happened in 1998.

When did Alexandrian Crusade happen?

Alexandrian Crusade happened in 1365.

When did Kingdom Crusade happen?

Kingdom Crusade happened in 1991.

When did The Cursed Crusade happen?

The Cursed Crusade happened in 360.

When did Chess Crusade happen?

Chess Crusade happened in 2008.

When did Solar Crusade happen?

Solar Crusade happened in 1996.

When did Sixth Crusade happen?

Sixth Crusade happened in 1228.

When did Children's Crusade happen?

Children's Crusade happened in 1212.

When did Mahdian Crusade happen?

Mahdian Crusade happened in -1390-10.

Where did the third crusade happen at?

The third crusade happen in Jerusemalum in 1984i've always believed that the third crusade happened in medieval times in/at jerusalem. the crusade was a plan to recapture the Holy lands from the Turks/Muslims. Which it did

When did the first crusade happen?

The first crusade took place in the year 1000.

Why did the third crusade happen?

because they were stupid

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