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When did Poland become a country?


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Poland becamea country in 966 when it became Christian although its tribes originate in 650 BC


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Poland became a country and an independent state in X (tenth) century.

Back in the 9th century AD slavic tribes unifed the region.The Piast dynasti came to power .Boleslaw I become the first king of Poland.(1025)

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yes it is :), thanks for asking about my lovely country :) I recommend visiting Poland :)

No. Poland is a country in Central Europe, while China is a country in East Asia.

Germany and Poland did not divide any country. Instead, the Soviet Union and Germany divided Poland in WW2.

Yes, it is an independent country.

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First of all its not "Is Polish in Netherlands". Its "Is Poland in Netherlands". Poland is the country. Polish is the language. You can say she's polish or I'm polish. But the country again is Poland. Second of all Poland is a country in eastern Europe. Its bigger than Italy. Poland is a very well known country for its nature and beauty.

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