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When did Russia join World War 2?

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September, 1939 on the same team as the Germans.

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When did Russia join the allies in World War 2?

1941, after Hitler invaded Russia.

Which side did russia join during World War 2?

The Soviet Union was on the Allied side.

What did Himmler plan to do at the end of World War 2?

Take over for Hitler and join Allies in fighting Russia

Who was the leader of Russia in World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia in World War 2.

How did the British army join world war 2?

The British army join world war 2 by their expirence.

Why did Russia join the allies in World War 2?

The Russians were allied with Germany but then Germany turned on Russia and invaded them. Since Russia and the Allies now had a common enemy Russia joined up with the Allies.

What did himmler try to do when world war 2 was over?

Kidnap Hitlers body, surrender to Allies and join forces against Russia

Relationship between America and Russia in world war 2?

In world war 2 Russia and America were allies, against Germany

When did the Germans retreat from Russia in the World War 2?

During the world war 2

When did you join World War 2?

You didn't join. Or you faught in the war, but U didn't.......

What was it like in Russia during World War 2?

The Germans were stealing from Russia. Russia was a Allie in the world war 2, but still got invaded. The Germans took over.

Why did US not join World War 2?

The u.s did join WW2

How did Germany attack Russia in World War 2?

They attacked russia with blitzkrieg(lighting war)

Did Spain join World War 2?


When did Germany invade Russia?

World War 1 Germany invaded Russia in 1917 after Russia backed out of the war. World War 2 Germany invaded Russia during the Second World War on June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarossa

Why did Japan joined the Axis Powers during World War 2?

Japan had an alliance with Germany, as both countries had interests that conflicted with Russia. It made sense for Japan to join the Axis Powers during World War 2.

Did Lithuania fight in World War 2?

Lithuania did fight in World War 2 but it was part of Russia.

Did Germany join russia in world war 2?

Yes, at the beginning Germany and Russia signed a non-aggresion pact meaning neither of the countrys could attack each other.Until Germany attacked Russia and they were separate

What was the unemployment rate of Russia after World War 2?


What condition in russia led to them withdrawing from World War 2?

Russia didn't withdraw from World War 2. They were in the fight until it was over. In World War 1, Russia broke into a civil war, referred to as the Russian Revolution, causing the Communists to take over Russia, creating the Soviet Union.

Was Russia already at war before World War 2?

No, Before the German attack on Russia it was not in WW2.

Who was the commander of Russia in World War 2?

The dictator of Russia was Joseph Stalin.

How was the leader of Russia in world war 2?

Stalin led Russia in WW2.

Who were the 2 allies of US ofthe wars war world 1 and war world 2?

World War 1: The UK, and Japan. World War 2: The UK, and Russia.

When did russia declare war on Germany in World War 2?

It was Germany who declared war on Russia on June 22 1941