When did Scotland and England unite to form The United Kingdom of Great Britain?

Treaty of Union

In January 1707. Known as the Treaty of Union and when it was passed the parliaments of Scotland and England ceased to exist. There would now be a Parliament of Great Britain. The majority of the Scots people did not want this but it was believed by the Scottish Parliament that it (Scotland) could no longer survive on it's own. Something of Scotland's independence remained. It was to keep it's own Church, Legal System, Education System, Royal Burghs and Courts and of course it already had it's own culture and history. But the seat of government now moved 400 miles south (to London). In June 1713, Scots peers introduced a bill to repeal the Union. It was narrowly defeated.However, Scotland would regain it's own Parliament (through a democratic vote) in 1997 with some powers devolved from the UK parliament in London.