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Probably at midnight, December 31, 1968, when they were required by the Gun Control Act of 1968.

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Q: When did Stevens start using serial numbers for shotguns?
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What year serial number start ON GUNS?

SOME guns had serial numbers in the late 1800s. They were required by law on handguns and machine guns in 1934 (in the US) and on rifles and shotguns in 1968.

When did the name J. Stevens Chicopee Mass start appearing on their shotguns?

About 1886, if the marking is J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

When did they start putting serial numbers on guns?

It began in the 1800s. In 1934, US law required SNs on all handguns and machineguns. In 1968 law required them on rifles and shotguns. Prior to 1968, some long guns had serial numbers, some did not.

When was a 1901 Winchester shotgun number 70177 made?

Made in 1910.The serial numbers of the model 1901 started where the model 1887 shotgun left off.the serial number start for this model is 64856.It should be noted that some serial numbers were skipped between 1904-1920.Total production was 13,500 shotguns including the serial numbers skipped.My records indicate that your shotgun was made in 1906.

How old is Keuffel Esser transit serial number 23925?

Serial numbers that started w/23000 are dated form 1911-1912 . 1912 serial numbers start w/ 26000

What year did mercury make the 95hp 6cyl outboard motor?

I believe these were made in 1966 and 1967 only. 1966 serial numbers start at 1869776 1967 serial numbers start at 2097280 also look at

Do one dollar bill serial numbers ever start with a m or n?


When did serial numbers on firearms start?

Pretty much from the first time someone wanted to know how many were being produced <><> And when folks needed to account for WHO had WHICH gun, when they were same model and make. Serial numbers for military arms began around the mid 1800s. By US law, they were not REQUIRED for rifles and shotguns until the 1968 Gun Control Act.

What is the age of a 38 caliber Colt Detective Special serial 51930?

The serial numbers dont go that low on Detective Specials. They start around 325000. Are you missing one of the numbers?

What does a Glock 22 40 cal handgun serial number start with?

No specific characters. Glock serial numbers for a long time now have been 3 letters, then 3 numbers.

What is the year of manufacture for a Browning 12 Ga BT-99 Shotgun 47D23889?

Believe that your serial number is incorrect. There are no BT99 serial numbers that start with 47. There are however serial numbers that begin with 74 which is the year (1974)that they were made.

How do you read Scorpion snowmobile model numbers?

1969 = serial start by 932 and 1970 by 032

What are Winchester 94 serial numbers from 1963 on?

@ 1955319 start; Y series in 1972-86.

When did Marlin start putting serial numbers on 22s?

In the late 1890,s as far as I am aware of.

What year did riverside arms start putting serial numbers on guns?

From the day they started making them.

Do all Gibson ES 335 Roy Orbison inspired guitars have a replica postage stamp embossed on the back of the headstock?

......NO. Only the first year first run.....and that was 70 of them. Serial numbers start with RO.....the next run serial numbers start with ROY

What year did Ithaca start making side by side shotguns?

Depending on who the writer is, Ithaca started making doubles sometime between 1880-1883. They had serial numbers from the very beginning. There were several models, Baker, Crass, Lewis, Minier and Flues, usually named after the individual that made a significant improvement.

When was the Winchester ranger 270 first manufactured?

Ranger serial numbers start with a "G". DOB on these is circa 1985.

What model of antique Singer sewing machine is serial number G9730255?

G9730255 is not a complete serial number for an antique Singer sewing machine. The serial numbers always start with two letters, which are used to identify the year they were made.

How old is a Stevens model 311 12 gauge with no serial number?

I purchased my model 311 back in 1968, as a used shotgun. I was told it was factory made with no serial number. I dont know mfg date, but this will maybe start you in the back dating process.

What year was a firearm with serial number 5452897 made?

That is not enough information. You also need the make and model of firearm. Many manufacturers start with a serial number of 001 then count up as they make more. Other manufacturers choose their numbers other ways, but the numbers are almost always chosen by each manufacturer, so different models of firearm could have matching serial numbers.

Where is the serial number on a 1957 US silver certificate?

The serial numbers on small-size US $1 silver certificates are in the same place as the serial numbers on modern $1 bills - the lower left and upper right corners of the open area on the bill's face. Serial numbers on $1 and $2 bills have 10 characters - a letter, 8 digits, and another letter. $5 and higher denominations have 11 characters, with 2 letters at the start of the serial number.

What year did sears start selling j.c. higgins shotguns?


What year did Stevens start manufacturing model 58 bolt action 12 ga shotguns in westfield ma?

Savage Arms didn't move to Westfield until 1961. So being that Savage owned Stevens I'm guessing it's around that time. Not sure what year the 58 was introduced and discontinued, but I'm guessing a bulk of them were made in Chicopee Falls, or Utica, NY.

When was the browning LT 12 serial number B95138 made?

By the serial number, this isn't a light 12. Nor is the serial number correct. There are one too many numbers in the sequence, if it really does start with the letter "B". Please check and reask the question.

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