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Walter tull started fighting in the first world war in 1914.

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Q: When did Walter tull join the army?
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Did Walter tull have children?

No, he did not.

What is Walter tull famous for?

Tull was the first black/mixed race officer in the British army and the second black/mixed race person to play in the top division in the Football League.

When did Walter Tull die?

He died in 1918.

Why should we remember Walter tull?

do a poo

What was Walter Tull's brothers and sister name?


Did Walter tull do a poo?

yes he did approximately 1,000,000,000.5

Was Walter Tull's Dad alive in the war?


Did Walter tull get a military cross?

yes he did right after he died

How did Walter Tull die?

he got shot in the war and died

Why is Walter Tull important?

he was one of the first black profesinal football players

What was Walter Tull's rank in World War 1?

Walter Tull was born in Kent; one of six children. He was a talented footballer and played for Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town. In 1914, he enlisted with 17th (1st) Football Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment and fought in World War One, and in 1916 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In December 1916, he returned home due to trench fever. Once he had recovered, he was sent to the officer training school at Gailes, Scotland, and became the first black Army officer. Lieutenant Walter Tull was commissioned and sent to the Italian Front in May 1917. He led his men in the Battle of Piave and was mentioned in dispatches for his "gallantry and coolness under fire". In 1918, he was transferred to France and was killed in the last Battle of the Somme. Walter Tull is commemorated with honour on the Arras Memorial in France. In 1998 the Walter Tull Memorial Garden was opened next to Northampton Town's Sixfields Community Stadium.

What education did Walter dean mayers have?

Walter went to school, and droped out at age 16 to join the army, he never went back, and never attended college.