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When did fashion start?


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When the first person became interested in how they look. Fashion isn't just an industry, it's a passion and a calling. It's about personal expression and is as old as humanity itself.


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Fashion was started by the French

Well, fashion designers design clothes, which is the start of the fashion cycle.

Well to start a fashion line you need to go to wiki answers and type it in

When you start going to school because fashion is very important.

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No, there is not a specific place in which high fashion started. Every single place of fashion has something to contribute, and with that, high fashion is performed.

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Yes, I am 11 and I am! For how to, look up "how to start your own fashion line at a young age".

Miuccia started the fashion industry in 1970/1978!!

Studying fashion design would probably be a good start.

Many people attribute the start of modeling (fashion and runway) to Europe, namely Paris.

well fashion started after Adam and eve so really when God created the earth fashion started ... it may not have be cute,hot,or pretty,but it was fashion! ; ) : ) : )

Fashion started in the beginning of time, when cave dwellers wore animal skins.

Fashion designers start by taking fashion and design classes in high school. The go on to obtain a fine arts degree in fashion or atten a fashion design school.

you can start to gain experience by going to art classes in high school there you could start to learn how to sketch fashion and use palletes.

The fashion in the 1960s was diverse but had lots of color. It was the start of shorter skirts and even women wearing pants in public. There were also the start of light colors.

Unfortunately, there is no way anyone knows of to restart the Fashion Story game. You will need to delete it and start over again to get a fresh start on the game.

start with a timeline then tell how fashion is similar with the time in the past and how it has changed into the future then state how you think fashion will change more into the future

Fashion designers should have an interest in fashion. They have to be creative. They are either born with, or aquire, an "eye" for spotting trends before they happen. They should know how to construct garments. Many designers also have had higher education; they have a degree in fashion design, and have studied fashion history. But it is possible to start a business without it. Just be commited to what you do, and be passionate about fashion, and you're already at a good start!

fashion started because women wanted to look more prettier and more top looking

You need to go to collage and do 4 years of fashion school. After that you start out small with your fashion industy and work your way up to the big stuff.

twiggy was the main fashion icon of the 60's and brought the fun childish style in trend.

dont be a fashion designer or hire someone who knows how to sew

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