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When did hunger start and why?

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Hunger starts when your body needs food. This is because your body needs food to support its many different functions.

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When did world hunger start?

Hunger has been an element of man from the beginning of man.

When did Gandhi start his hunger strike?

in 1939 he went on a hunger strike for peace.

When did Suzanne Collins start writing the Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games was released on September 14, 2008

When did hunger start in Africa?

just before breakfast

What is the first part of the Hunger Games about?

it starts from the beginning when the tributes for the Hunger Games are picked to right before they start the games

What is a cornucopia in the hunger game?

Its were they all start and In the middle is were all the weapons are, that they use to fight within the Hunger Game's its self!

What is the Hunger Games blurb?

It is a mockingjay pin with the hunger games written on top you'll know what a mockingjay is when you start reading

When do they start casting for the hunger games movie?

April 2011

When does the hunger games start in book three?

Page xvs

When did the filmimg start for the hunger games?

Around May 2011

What is the cornucopia?

It is the place where the Hunger Games first start at each game.

When did hedley start playing music?

with haymitch and stuff in the hunger games

What page does the cave scene start on in the hunger games?

chapter 21

What page does chapter 22 of The Hunger Games start on?

pg 290

Why do the Hunger Games start at 10?

They start then because of the adult content of them.

What are civil war words that start with h?

Howitzer. it is a type of cannon honor hunger (confederates faced huge problems with hunger because of the blockade

What page does Chapter 27 of Hunger Games start?

Chapter 27 of The Hunger Games (in the hardcover edition) begins on page 368, and ends on 374.

When did Suzanne Collins start writing her books?

She wrote the hunger games in 2008

Will your world actually start a Hunger Games?

The chances of this world actually having a 'Hunger Games' is slim to nothing. Having a 'Purge' on the other hand is liklier.

Where all the Hunger Games tributes live?

first i think u mean where do all the hunger games tributes live? and they first live on a train for each district and then when the actual hunger games start they live in a forest. ---- Sara

How long do hunger pains last?

Hunger pains start about 12 to 24 hours after the last food has been ingested. They will last until a person eats something.

How do you cure constant hunger?

I would start off by eating till you feel full

What page does chapter 9 of The hunger games end on?

I don't know what page does it start on?

Does food bring health up minecraft?

Yes, it lowers your hunger. When your hunger drops extremely low, you'll start to starve to death. When hungry and hurt it won't heal. When hunger is gone or nearly gone, you'll heal quickly. Hunger is crucial, farm and hunt frequently to survive healthfully.

How do you say 'Hunger' in German?

hunger = Hunger

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