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in 1960

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Q: When did jazz and blues start?
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Did rap and rock music come from jazz?

no it actually came from the blues. jazz came after the blues no it actually came from the blues. jazz came after the blues

What came first - jazz or blues?

Blues came before Jazz.

What is the difference between jazz and the blues?

blues is depressing and jazz is freakin happy

When was Blues Alley Jazz created?

Blues Alley Jazz was created in 1980.

How is jazz and blues the same?

I don't believe that jazz and blues are the same because jazz is calming, but blues is more of just plain old depressing.

What styles of Jazz were influenced by the Blues?

You have to understand that blues not only influenced jazz but every form of pop music. All jazz is influenced by the blues.

What is the difference between jazz and blues music?

blues is depressing and jazz is freakin happy

What were some famous songs from the Harlem renaissance?

"Take the "A" Train" by Duke Ellington "The Ways of White Folk" by Langston Hughes Blues: Memphis Blues, Downhearted Blues, Harlem Blues, Fine and Mellow Types of Jazz: Bebop Jazz, cool jazz, fusion jazz, rock jazz, hard jazz

Difference between blues and jazz music?

Blues is to jazz like jazz is to music. Blues is just one of the many types of jazz. That means blues is jazz. Actually, jazz developed from blues. So Jazz is a form of blues music, in a way. Jazz typically keeps time on the cymbals and crash. Jazz focuses on more acoustic instruments. Jazz tends to go back and forth between various instruments soloing, or jazz will focus on one singer's soft melody throughout the song. Blues will often focus on only one instrument soloing, or blues will have a melody that is broken up by many short musical riffs. Blues will use both acoustic and electric instruments. Jazz focuses primarily on the swing/dance of the music or the technical skill of the musician (depending on the genre of jazz), but blues will focus more on "feeling" or emotion that the musician puts into the instrument.

How has blues affected jazz?

First of all, the jazz music was born at the end of the austrailan empire. The blues got passed on to jazz at various music festivals. At these festivals, musicians would combine jazz with blues music.

How did Billie Holiday make a difference in jazz and blues music?

I think jazz and blues music is the same

When was Kรถpenicker Blues und Jazz Festival created?

Köpenicker Blues und Jazz Festival was created in 1996.

When was Jazz Blues Fusion - album - created?

Jazz Blues Fusion - album - was created in 1972.

Where is the best place to find a blues scale?

The blues scale you may find in the book for Jazz Guitar or blues Piano. You also may find blues scale in the music dictionary of Jazz and Blues or book The Blues scale.

What music came after the blues in america?

Blues evolved into jazz.

What kind of music is 'blues' music?

Blues is a type a slow jazz

Were Blues music directly influenced by ragtime and jazz?

Blues, jazz and ragtime developed simultaneously in the Southern United States.

How did blues and jazz sprang from African American cilture?

Jazz and blues began in African American communities as a derivative of slave spirituals and songs. Blues and jazz had different regional styles, but as a genre, they became extremely popular during the 'Jazz Age' of the early 1900s.

What are the twelve bar blues in jazz?

The 12 bar blues comes from blues music. It is the bases for all blues songs and is made of certain notes in chords. 12 bar blues is used in all music types that originated from blues. Jazz was one of these.

What music evolved from the blues?


Is OAM's Blues Jazz?


Are the blues a form of jazz?


What style of jazz was Jelly Roll Morton known for?

Ragtime, Jazz Blues, Jazz, Swing and Dixieland.

How is jazz music similar to the music of the slaves?

The music of the slaves is called blues. The rhythm patterns of jazz is similar to the rhythm patterns of the blues.

Is a clarinet used in blues?

yes!! it is famous for blues,jazz and classical music