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When did nigel hinton die?

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He's still alive and kicking and writing!

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Is S E Hinton related to Nigel Hinton?

No, SE Hinton is not related to Nigel Hinton.

Is Nigel Hinton related to SE Hinton?

No. S.E Hinton and Nigel Hinton are not related in fact S.E Hinton actually changed her name to S.E Hinton.

What books has Nigel Hinton written?

H e has written..BuddyThe Finders

What is the setting in Buddy by Nigel Hinton?

Well there is 56 Croxley Street but I have forgotten where it is set!!

When did Harry Hinton die?

Harry Hinton died in 1978.

When did Wilfred Hinton die?

Wilfred Hinton died in 1949.

When did James Hinton die?

James Hinton died in 1875.

When did Craig Hinton die?

Craig Hinton died in 2006.

When did Margery Hinton die?

Margery Hinton died in 1996.

When did Martin Hinton die?

Martin Hinton died in 1961.

When did Joseph Hinton die?

Joseph Hinton died in 1884.

When did Eddie Hinton die?

Eddie Hinton died in 1995.

When did Bill Hinton die?

Bill Hinton died in 1976.

When did Ted Hinton die?

Ted Hinton died in 1977.

When did Carmelita Hinton die?

Carmelita Hinton died in 1983.

Did S E Hinton die?

No, S.E. Hinton is still alive.

What is the setting in the book Time Bomb by Nigel Hinton?

The book is set in South East London in the summer of 1949.

When did Walter Haskell Hinton die?

Walter Haskell Hinton died in 1980.

When did Charles Howard Hinton die?

Charles Howard Hinton died in 1907.

When did Berry Hinton die?

Berry Hinton died on 2000-01-22.

When did Roland Hinton Perry die?

Roland Hinton Perry died in 1941.

When did Dan Hinton die?

Dan Hinton died on 1994-06-01.

When did Jack Hinton die?

Jack Hinton died on 1997-06-28.

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