When did pogroms occur?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When did pogroms occur?
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Where did pogroms occur?

Pogroms - that is mob violence against Jews - are associated in particular with Tsarist Russia in the period 1881-1914, when they were often actively encouraged by the police. Obviously, there have been other pogroms in other places and in other periords, too.

What were organized attacks on the Jews in Russia during the 19th century called?

Organized attacks on Jews have historically been called POGROMS. Pogroms differ from events like the Holocaust in that pogroms were (1) not well-planned or well-coordinated and (2) localized in particular villages or cities. Most pogroms in Jewish history took place in the Russian Empire and its subsequent governments, but there have been pogroms in nearly every Old-World country that has hosted Jews other than India.

Minorities targeted by pogroms in Russia in the late 1800s?

The pogroms were directed specifically against Jews.

How do you use pogroms in a sentence?

Throughout the period c. 1880-1914 Russia was notorious for its anti-Semitic pogroms.

Who was responsible for the pogroms?

The Russian government

What led to Jewish emigration from Russia?


How are pogroms related to anti semitism?

Pogroms have most often been actions against Jews, most actions against Jews are seen as antisemitic.

What were pogrom's?

Pogroms were violent riots and massacres launched against Jews and frequently encouraged by government authorities. --- It was, above all, Tsarist Russia that was associated with pogroms. In Russia the whole period from about 1881-1917 was charcterized by pogroms. Nazi Germany staged the Night of the Broken Glass, but on the whole preferred to avoid public disturbances when implementing its anti-Jewish policies. In 1941 there were pogroms in Romania, especially Bucharest and Iasi, with Jews being beaten up and killed in the street. One of the best know pogroms was that at Kishinev in 1903. See the link. See also the second link, which has a map of some of the places where pogroms occurred in the Russian Empire.

What is pogroms?

it was a violent mob attack against Jews.

What were mob attacks on Jewish communities called?


Who fled from Russia to America as a result of pogroms?

the Jews

What were the pogroms that Jews in Russia were subject to?

It is unclear what this question is asking. If it is asking what a pogrom was as an event, it was a series of quasi-coordinated attacks by armed Russian civilians and Cossacks on civilian Jewish populations purely because of Anti-Semitic motives. If it is asking what the names were of the various Russian pogroms, please see the Related Links which discuss various pogroms across the world. There were over hundreds of distinct pogroms. Among the worst were the Odessa Massacres, the Kiev Pogroms, the Warsaw Pogroms, the Kishinev Pogroms, and numerous others.