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Australian and New Zealand Servicemen mirrored it's US counterparts in entering and leaving the Vietnam War; early 60's & early 70's.

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What was the experience of the troops who were involved in the Vietnam War?

The same for most wars. Just the return home was different.

Why were the troops pulled out of Vietnam?

The American Military pulled the troops out of Vietnam because of political pressure on the home front.

Why did troops return in world war 2?

Troops went home when the war ended.

Was there support at home in the US for the Vietnam War?

No there was not much support for the u.s troops back home

What year did troops come home from Vietnam?

Troops began coming home in 1973, and complete evacuation was completed by 1975 when the south was taken over.

On what day did the US return home from the Vietnam War?

29 March 1973. SEE: Statistics on Vietnam War.

Richard M. Nixon responsible for bringing your troops home?

Richard Nixon was responsible for bringing almost all of the American troops home from Vietnam. He promised that he would do it and he did.

Who was the president for the US to bring the Vietnam troops home?

President Nixon, after giving North Vietnam a heavy dose of B-52 bombing.

President nixons vietnamization of the Vietnam war ment?

More American troops were coming home.

When did the Vietnam soldiers return home?

They returned to the US in 1973 when US involvement in Vietnam officially ended as part of a peace treaty.

Why did Australia bring its troops home from Vietnam in 1972?

Homeland protest and perhaps they were smarter than the US.

What did Americans do to express their feelings for the Vietnam War?

spit on troops coming home and call them baby killers

When did American soldiers return home from the Vietnam war?

All US personnel were home by 30 April 1975.

When did the last American troops come home in Vietnam War?

US Marines/US Sailors were the last in 1975.

Why did vietnamese people come to Australia?

Many were refugees after the Vietnam war and it was not safe for them to return home

Problems for the us troops during the Vietnam war?

Some of the men in Vietnam used to say, "well, now that I've finished fighting these commies for a year, and get to home; I guess I gotta get ready to fight when I get home too."

Number of US soldiers in Vietnam War?

Approximately half a million troops. One out of ten did not come home alive.

Who declared victory of the Vietnam war?

Informally, American GIs declared victory and went home. Officially, North Vietnamese troops declared victory and took over South Vietnam.

What were Americans protesting during the Vietnam War and why?

The Americans where protesting for there troops to come home from Vietnam because they werent prepared to sacrifice so many lives when they were already loosing the war, this was also unfair for the troops loved ones and family waiting back in the USA

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