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When did the Boston massacre end?


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This was a very short event in our history and the actual event has become myth. For one thing it wasn't the first violent incident of the Revolution. In 1765 there were Stamp act riots and in 1766 British troops clashed with a group of NY patriots. Crispus Attucks is far more shadowy that is generally conceded. No one knows if he was black, Indian, or mulatto and historians aren't sure if he was the first killed. Historians do know who started the fight that ended in the death of 5 Americans. Americans roamed the city looking for trouble and they found it at 9 PM. The idea that the British killed a peaceful group of civilians is propaganda. The real lesson was that the redcoats when pushed far enough by a club wielding mob will fight back. The big mistake made was that weapons were fired and people killed. The whole thing probably lasted 10 to 20 minutes from start to finish ( if that long).


First, to prove the Boston Massacre actually happened, and is not a myth or a fairytale. Tensions mounted in Boston, for there were rumors that British troops were going to takeover the city, and then the city would be under military rule. On March 5, 1770, some boys began hurling snowballs and stones at a small group of soldiers.

Bells began ringing and a crowd gathered quickly. Someone gave the order to fire and five citizens of Boston fell to the street, dead or mortally wounded. Among them was Crispus Attucks, a fugitive slave who had participated in previous encounters with the soldiers.

True, little is known about Attucks, but several historians believe he was a runaway slave. Attucks, and two other men were killed instantly. Two others died later of wounds. In 1888, the city of Boston erected a monument to honor Attucks and the others who died in the incident.