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The U.S. Marine Hospital was once located on the site that is now the Walt Disney Magnet School on Marine Drive. The Walt Disney Magnet School at 4140 N. Marine Drive was designed by architects Perkins & Will in 1973, so it probably was closed and demolished just before the school was built. Could someone be more specific or exact on this?. Actually, the address was on the other side, at 4141 N. Clarendon. Here's some historical info (copy all this into one line in your browser):,+4141+North+Clarendon+Avenue,+Chicago,+Cook+County,+IL)) I did some digging in the Tribune Archives and here's the result. Apparently there was some haggling back and forth as to what the dispostion of the property was going to be: 8/24/1967 - Lakefront Hospital Goes to Junior College "Transfer of the 12 acre lakefront site of the old Marine Hospital, 4141 Clarendon, to the Chicago City College Board for use as a junior college was approved yesterday..." (My note: This site ended up not happening - they are referring to Truman College, which ended up over on W. Wilson Avenue.) 3/21/1968 - Junior College Site Hailed (My note: This article was about the final proposed site for Truman College on Wilson, but contains the following reference to the previously sought after Marine Hosptial site.) "The (Marine) hospital was declared surplus property by the federal government in 1965 and had been fought over by the city and state educational and health agencies until December (my note: must be 1967) when it was given to the Board of Education and proposed for a magnet school by James Redmond, school superintendent." 11/27/69 - Board Sets Completion Dates for 20 Schools "Disney Magnet School - 4141 Clarendon - A commitment from the federal department of health, education and welfare on removing existing government services is needed. September 1972 occupancy is planned." So it seems the Marine Hosptial closed in about 1965 or 1966 (which jives with my personal memory because I had a friend whose dad was a doctor there, and they moved away at approx that time.) Then the hospital became a public health clinic of sorts for awhile. Finally the Disney Magnet School opened in 1972. If you are interest in more history of the Marine Hospital, see

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Q: When did the US Marine Hospital on N Marine Dr close?
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