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President Eisenhower sent US troops to Vietnam in 1955, President Ford pulled out the last US troops in 1975.

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Why did US not leave Vietnam sooner?

Because they didn't have enough time to leave Vietnam during the Vietnam War

When did the US enter Vietnam?

If your referring to the Vietnam war, the first U.S military advisors arrived in Vietnam in 1950.

When did the US leave the war in Vietnam?

War couldn't be isolated, proved to be unwinnable.

Why did the US-enter the Vietnam War?

To stop communist aggression.

Why did the US leave Vietnam?

how did the u.s leave vietnam?

Why did japan leave Vietnam?

Japan left Vietnam because the US won the Vietnam War. The US effectively kicked them out of the area. This was preventing China from invading Vietnam as well.

According to which law did the US enter the Vietnam War?

The US entered because they signed a document saying that the will help with a war with communism.

Why did US enter Vietnam War?

To prevent the build up of ccmmunist control and expansion

What wars did the US enter because of communism?

The Vietnam War, The Korean War, Maybe part of World War II

What caused the US to enter into a full scale war in Vietnam?

the attack of two U.S. destroyers by the North Vietnamese. Gradpoint

Do US citizens need visa to enter Vietnam?

US citizens are required for a visa to enter Vietnam

What year did the US become involved in the vietnam war?

The United States entered the Vietnam War in 1954. They didn't leave the war until 1975. The war was over 20 years..

When did us enter the war?

The us entered the Vietnamese war in 1950 they exited in 1975 entered to avoid a communist takeover of south Vietnam

Why did America leave the Vietnam?

The US lost the war and was defeated by the North Vietnamese and its allies.

What prompted the US to enter into an all-out war in Vietnam?

North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam Two U.S. destroyers were attacked by the Viet Cong.

Where were the US troops in the Vietnam war?

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

When did the first infantry leave for the Vietnam war?

US Infantry arrived in '65 & departed in '72.

What role did the US play in the Vietnam war Vietnam War?

The US was at war with North Vietnam (informally-not with documents signed/declaration of war).

Why was the US at war with Vietnam?

We were at war with Vietnam because they disagreed with us about something.

What are some of the considerations Johnson faced in deciding whether to become militarily involved in Vietnam?

1. Will the USSR enter the war? 2. Will Red China enter the war? 3. Should the US deploy nuclear weapons? 4. Should the US invade North Vietnam? 5. Should the US blockade North Vietnam? (An official act of war by the way). 6. Should the US use SAC bombers (Strategic Air Command)? 7. Should the US attack Red China if they enter the war? 8. Should the US attack the Soviet Union if they enter the war? 9. Should the US activate (mobilize) the military reserves? (an official indication of total war). 10. Should the US intercept (on the high seas) Soviet/Red Chinese vessels re-supplying North Vietnam?

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