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When did the native Americans first reach Pennsylvania?


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I Think About 18,000 Years Or 40,000 Years Ago.


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the first people to America is the native Americans

Native Americans migrated into Canada first. The earliest records are found to be dated around 26,500 BC.

AnswerAmong the first settles of the Oregon country were missionaries who wanted to bring Christianity to Native Americans.I got this answer from my history textbook so I am pretty positive its correct.

the first two Americans to reach the North Pole was Robert P. & Matthew H.the first two Americans to reach the North Pole was Robert P. & Matthew H.

The Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest often had nicknames including Boston for all whites. They did this because many of the first settlers to reach them were from the New England colonies.

Matthew Henson and Robert Peary were the first two Americans to reach the North Pole.

Apart from the indigenous native American tribes, the Vikings were reputed to be the first (non-native) people to reach America.

It is thought that the first actual civilization to reach the North Pole may have been the ancient Inuit Native Americans because they had occupied the area for a long time before anyone else. There is a big but to this thought, as there is no documentation of any of these trips and whether or not the Inuit people would have travelled so far is debatable.

He was trying to reach India, but instead reached the Americas (North) and came across Native Americans which he then named "Indians" because he thought he was in India.

DNA is saying that the first South Americans were the Australian Aborigines.

Yes the Americans were the first to reach the moon, and to return as well.

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

Trappers like Jeddah Smith were the first to go to Oregan, California, and to see Yosemite.

yes the vikings did reach america after colonizing Greenland, this was done by viking Leif Ericson. Contact with the native americans is unclear but they probably traded timber with them. However they left shortly after settleling newfoundland Canada.

No! The islanders are of Asian decent. For native Americans to travel from north America to Samoa in canoes would be an utterly amazing engineering feat! Fresh food,water, native Americans did not have mass transit by boats to reach that far in the Pacific! But the Asians moved from china to Korea to Japan on westward! My opinion is that Native Americans are also decendants of Asians through Geographical adaptation!

The "Bidwell Party" (Bartleson-Bidwell party) in 1841 was one of the first groups of US citizens to reach California by wagon on the overland route.

I know the first people who went to Oregon Country were Lewis and Clark.The first people to settle there were missionaries.

Jim Whittaker climbed Everest in 1963 then again in 1965

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days depending on where in Pennsylvania your envelope starts and where in Iowa it is being sent.

Ferdinand Magellan my friend. He was killed by a native warrior in 1521.

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