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When did they change from 8 valve to 16 valve?


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simply to get more power I "believe" that 1991 was the first year for the 16v. I have a 1990, and mine is an 8 valve. Hope this helps. -Tony


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it's a 16 valve, 2 cambeltdriven camshafts

You can practicaly change a golf engine of your choice besides the VR6 golf motor. You can even install a 2Lt 8 valve or 16 valve.

Depends the whether it's an 8 or 16 valve. Expect to pay upto ยฃ175

yes both the 8 valve and 16 valve engines are interterence engines

16 valve engine not put in a Tracker till 1996. 1994 Tracker is 8 valve (but a Sidekick may have the 16 valve in 1994) Actually there were 16 valve Trackers before 96. I have an early 95 which is 16v version. I believe 16v engines started somewhere between 91-94. I do know that the valve covers usually state 16 valve when it is. ,the spark plugs in a 16 valve are waaayy down in the top of the engine,you need about a eight inch extention to get at them

The year, make and engine info would be helpful.

phone a vauxhall dealer and give them the reg or chassis number or check the log book

it will be an 8 valve engine as all the 16 valve 1.2s have a 16v badge on the door mouldings

It will bolt up. You can not install a 8 valve head on a 16 valve lower end without changing the pistons. The injection is completely different and wireing as well as well the computer. I just completed the swap with ALOT of headaches. believe it or not LOL we used a router with a mill bit to cut down the pistons talk about okie but hey its running perfect now 2000 miles later. my advise is keep the 8 valve head with the car change the pistons and use ALL the brackets off the 8 valve engine.

8 & 16 Valve models Peugeot recommend replacement at 96,000 miles or 80,000 miles under adverse conditions.

I'm sorry, the 16 valve head will not work on the 8 valve short block. The piston crowns are cut differently so replacement of pistons would be necessary. It is my understanding though, that it COULD be done if the pistons were replaced. I have never attempted this, but by looking through the parts catalog, it seems that this is feasable.

8 Valve code AEH 16 Valve code ATN are listed for the 1.6, 2000 VW Golf

16 valve and double overhead cams

Likely it's a 16 valve. When the Tracker first came out it was 8 valve, but sometime in the early 90s it went up to 16.

If it's an 8 valve engine and not the 16 valve: Bosch Spark plugs have a gap of 0.8mm NGK spark plugs need a gap of 0.9mm 16 Valve engines have a 0.9mm gap on each type of spark plug

remove the old one and install the new one

if the engine is an 8 valve it is behind the timing belt cover and if its 16 valve its on the front of the engine (os) in a housing with 3 bolts

That unknown third number might change the answer but the GCF of 40 and 16 is 8.

The valve cover says 2.3-16. The trunk has 2.3-16 badges.

The more valves, the more air. The more air, the more fuel, more power.

The DOHC 16 valve engine uses a Fram PH3387A The base 8 valve 2.2 engine uses Fram PH3506

What is the valve lash on a cummins engine 16 V

yes the motor will fit in the car chassis but u might have to change all the wiring harness's because i am pretty sure that, that motor is a 24 valve...but if a 16 valve came out of the 95 and ur putting a 16 valve into the 95 u shouldn't have to change the wiring harnesss

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