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The war started in 1914 with the assassination of the archduke of Austria-Hungary, franz ferdinand

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When did war wold ll start?

Wold War 2 started in 1939 with the German Blitzgreig which is German for " Lightning War" of Poland. America joined the war in 1941 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

When was calligraphy used?

during wold war 1 and before that

What percentage of African Americans fight in Wold War 1?

You spelt World as Wold, and instead of fought you put fight.

When did wold war 2 start?

September 1st, 1939, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

How much is a french helmet from wold war 1 worth?

there not for sale there in musemes

The us entered the wold war 1?

Please, retry to type that.. But, yes, they did enter the World War I.

Did the Philippines fight at World War 1?

At the time of the First Wold War, the Philippines were an American colony.

Wold war 2 why was wold war two dangerous?

It was a war so it was obviously dangerous. Think guns and bombs.

How was Wold War 1 a world or global war?

The countries involved had colonies all over the world, and they were at war too.

How many English soldiers were wounded in World War 1?

Hi, there was about 204,000 wounded in wold war one.

Why is it called WW1?

WW1 is short for Wold War 1. It was the first war that truly impacted all the countries of the world.

What are some highly recommended video games?

if you have a xbox 360 you wold probly want halo 3,gears of war 1,(gears of war 2 when it comes out), and assassins creed if you have a xbox 360 you wold probly want halo 3,gears of war 1,(gears of war 2 when it comes out), and assassins creed

How were so many men enrolled on the military during wold war 1?

So many men were drafted to the war because they were getting prepared for war.

How many people died during Wold War 1?

About 17,000,000 people died during World War I. An additional 22,000,000 were wounded.

Where was wold war 2 fought?

in Europe and in the Pacific

How did hitler start World War I?

Hitler did not start World War 1.

When did people start making the transcontinental railroad?

That wold be your FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!

What event ended wold war 2?

the bombing of hiroshima

Where was wold war 1fought?

It was fought on the western front in Europe.

What cause wold war 2?

Germany invaded Poland.

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