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Q: When do guppies breed?
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What fish brred best with guppies?

Only guppies breed with guppies naturally.

Are guppies territorial?

Guppies are not territorial I know so as I breed only guppies.

What other fish can you breed with a guppie?

Only Guppies can breed with guppies naturally. In their wisdom the "Taxonomists" have decided that Mollies and Guppies are in the same "Genera", so now it is assumed that it is possible to forcibly cross breed Guppies with Mollies in a laboratory situation.

How do guppies breed?

Guppies breed sexually in the same way that many mammals breed. The male mounts the female and injects her with sperm to fertilize her eggs.

Can you breed different colors of fancy guppies?

Absolutely, that is why there are so many different strains and colors of fancy guppies. Additionally, you can breed guppies and mollies, but the offspring will all be male and sterile!

Can you breed a mosquito fish with a guppy?

I doubt that they can breed, a lot more depends on if two fish can breed than just their size, as far as I know guppies can only breed with other guppies.

What are the easiest fish to breed?

guppies swordtails and mollies are realy easy to breed

Do differtent kind of guppies get along with other guppies?

Yes, all guppies are the same breed just different shapes or colors.

What if you don't want to breed guppies?

Don't own female guppies if you don't want youngsters.

Which breeds faster zebra danios or guppies?

id say guppies, they breed like rabbits

Can guppies breed with neon tetras?

they can but there would be no outcome of it

When guppies breed how many offspring do they have?

Guppies breed whenever, there is no special way that's kinda what their thing... breeding usually 50-100, depending on the species

What is the easyest fish to breed?

guppies there like rabbits and bettas are very hard to breed

Can you breed glofish and guppies?

Glofish are Zebra danios that have had a jellyfish gene added artificially to make them glow. They are an entirely different species from Guppies so they can not cross breed.

What is the breeding season for guppies?

There is no breeding season. Male guppies will breed constantly. But sometimes they can get board with a female and not breed. So separate them for a bit then put them back together.

How mosquito fish are bred?

They are livebearers and breed like guppies.

How old do guppies have to breed?

2-4 months old

Can fancy guppies breed with regular guppies?

Yes they can and do. That is why smart people with fancy guppies do not allow the plainer ones in with the fancies. The fancies will not associate themselves with the reggos.

How long before guppies breed?

It takes about 2-4 months for guppies to sexually mature. The gestation is 28 days.

How long does it take for guppies to breed?

The guppy gestation is about 28 days.

A sight all about how to breed guppies?

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Should you tack the baby guppies out of the tank when they are born?

I'm not sure but some people say you should or the baby guppies will breed.

Do guppies breed?

As do all other animals, guppies breed, unless the female has been purchased from a pet store that used sterilization chemicals on it to sterilize it and to change the color to "make it more attractive".

Can bronze Cory's breed with any of these fish here platys or fancy guppies or endlers guppies?

no cories cant interbreed with any of those fish. bronze cories breed with bronze cories

Can guppies breed in a one gallon tank?

Yes. Livebearers will breed anywhere under nearly any condition.