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Moose cows usually bear their offspring about 230 days after mating, usually in late May. Most births are of a single calf, but twins are common and births of three or four calves sometimes occur.

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How do you call a baby moose?

Baby moose are called calves like most large mammals.

Are moose aggressive?

They tend to be aggressive sometimes, especially the bull moose or the cow moose with calves.

Is a baby moose called a mooselet?

== == The baby moose are called calves. (Female moose are called cows.)

What is a young moose called?

A young moose is called a calf == == The baby moose are called calves. (Female moose are called cows.)

What is the young one of a moose?

A young moose is called a calf The baby moose are called calves. (Female moose are called cows.)

Do moose carry babies?

If you mean: Do moose get pregnant? Then yes. If you mean: Do moose carry calves (baby moose) in their mouths? Then I am not sure.

What is the baby called for a moose?

Calves. Like a cow.

How much does a moose weigh when its born?

Moose calves weigh around 25 to 40 lbs when born.

How do moose raise their young?

here are some facts on how moose raise there young;Firstly moose cows raise there calf as a single parent and not as part of a herd. Secondly moose mothers vigorously defend their calves and will risk there lives caring for them. Lastly moose calves will usually leave before their mother has another calf.

What is a large group of moose called?

Moose are solitary animals, except for when mating or when the cow is caring for her calf or calves.

Do cow moose mate annually or biannually?

Moose mate every Autumn and birth their calves in late Spring.

Do moose live in groups or alone?

Moose are primarily solitary animals. The only groups you'd see of moose is of a cow with one or more of her calves.

Are moose nice?

No. Moose are very dangerous creatures like bisons, especially one that is rutting or one that has calves to protect.

How many moose babies are born?

A female moose usually calves once per year, and has one calf at a time, twins are rare.

Why are moose enemies with bears?

Moose are enemies with bears because bears sometimes attack and kill them, particularly the young calves, for food to eat.

Can a bear kill a moose?

Depends on the bear and the moose. Typically grizzlies and brown bears will hunt and kill moose if and when given the chance. Polar bears won't because moose don't live where polar bears live and vice versa. Black bears may come after a moose if it's large enough, but will primarily hunt moose calves over the adults. Rutting bull moose and cows protecting their calves are not to be messed with, but neither is a hungry, large grizzly or brown bear.

How many calves does a mom moose have?

Typically, one. If food is abundant, she might have twins.

How many calves do moose have?

A mother moose may have 1 to 3 babies at a time, but normally they only have one set of twins(2 babies).

How big is a moose herd?

Moose normally never live in a herd, they are solitary animals. However a cow with a couple of her calves would form a herd, but that's as big as a moose herd would ever get.

What are the mooses enemies?

The mooses enemies are brown bears, black bears, and wolves. When brown bears are out of their winter dens, the whole entire time they are killing poor calves and adult moose. Black bears kill little moose calves in the winter. Wolves kill any moose through out the whole entire year. Even though moose look big and scary, they have fears too.

Do bull moose kill calves for the cow moose?

No. Sometimes the calves may get in the way of the bull and may risk getting injured from getting tossed around or kicked at if he sees them as interfering with his courting with the cow. In most cases though, the calves are old enough to know to stay a safe distance away while mom is busy with her suitor.

How tall is a baby moose when born?

Calves are no more than around three feet tall when born.

What do moose do during the winter?

Moose munch on limbs and branches of mainly willows in the winter and pregnant cows care for their older calves until they are ready to be weaned come spring, which is about the time moose cows are ready to calve.

Can a cow moose kill a bear?

Possibly, but in most cases a bear would get injured than killed if it messed with a cow moose, especially one that has some calves to protect.

How long do moose calves stay with their mothers?

The mother moose starts to push her male calves away when they reach about 1. 5 years of age. They generally don't ever push the females away, allowing them to stay close until they move away on their own. This can be several years.

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